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Bouquet «Bamboo»

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Bouquet Bamboo
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Bamboo is a group of perennial evergreens in the true grass family Poaceae. Giant bamboos are the largest members of the grass family. Bamboos are the fastest growing woody plants in the world.They are capable of growing up to 60 centimeters (24 in.) or more per day due to a unique rhizome-dependent system.
Bamboo growth can also be controlled by surrounding the plant or grove with a physical barrier. Typically, concrete and specially-rolled HDPE plastic are the materials used to create the barrier, which is placed in a 60–90 cm (2.0–3.0 ft) deep ditch around the planting, and angled out at the top to direct the rhizomes to the surface.
Newly planted bamboos need frequent and liberal watering.Once a bamboo has reached the desired size, it can survive with much less irrigation.

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