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❀ Flower delivery Armenia

I want to make delivery to Kiev, Armenia.
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  • 2024-05-15
  • 2024-05-15
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Reviews from Kiev
  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2023-05-12
    Delivery to: Kiev
    I've ordered delivery 2nd time. Very pleased with the service. Thank you very much for your work! Very easy to make order, online consultant replies immediately.
  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2022-11-14
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    The order was delivered on time. Service was efficient. Thank you very much for your job especially nowadays.
    Manager response:  Oksana, thank you very much for your review. We will be glad to serve you again
  • Robert Koeck
    our client (with UFL from 2011-03-07)
    Date of review: 2022-09-22
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    Thank you for your great service :-)
    Manager response:  Robert, we would like to say thank you for your order and waiting for your coming back, UFL team.
  • Sarah
    our client (with UFL from 2018-11-28)
    Date of review: 2022-06-16
    Delivery to: Kiev
    Guys thank you for the incredible work you are doing the war times. I am your certain customer forever!
    Manager response:  Sarah, we are very happy to hear such a word from you. Happy to serve you, and happy to see you again.
  • Gilbert
    our client (with UFL from 2022-02-13)
    Date of review: 2022-02-14
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    I am here today just to say you that you had been incredible formidable for my yesterday order et too the delivery today. Congratulation, I keep preciouly your address for the next gifts !!! Thousands thanks, the young Ukrainian lady was very surprise and very very happy !!!! and you very very professionnal !! because I had only his number phone ( without his address to delivery) Yesterday evening Alesya was been very gently and patient with me
    Manager response:  Amazing, Gilbert. Thank you so much for your time and this review. We are happy to work for you! UFL flower team.

Flower deliveryArmenia

To honor their traditions and customs is in the blood of any true Armenian. And to give flowers is as natural for them as drinking fine cognac and eating pomegranates. That is why if you send a bunch of flowers to a citizen of Armenia you will drive the nail with your gift!

Armenia is an Eastern country with strong traditions. But at the same time it is a Christian country. This combination makes Armenians close to many people of both the East and the West.

Armenians think of Mount Ararat as a symbol of their country. Their songs glorify it, hundreds of legends and fairytales are associated with it. And though since 1920s the mountain belongs to Turkey, every Armenian honors it and everyone recognizes that the best view of Mount Ararat is from Armenia. Visit and check it yourself!

Another amazingly beautiful place covered with legends is the highland Lake Sevan. It is called the Blue-Eyed Beauty of Armenia, in which amazing waters there is fish appreciated far beyond the country.


Many business representatives of Armeniahave business partners or their own businesses in Ukraine, that is why you can meet the natives of this sunny country here quite often. However, the call of blood is very strong, so even if they have successful business abroad those who were born in Armenia never miss an opportunity to visit their homeland at least once a year. And it is praiseworthy!

It indicates the strength of traditions and upbringing in the spirit of respect for the roots. To appreciate and remember their families is also a part of the customs of these people. That is why even being far away from his family, any Armenian will for sure greet his family members, send them a gift and, of course, a bouquet.

There are mane flowers in Armenia, so it is traditional to present them for any occasion: the birth of children, entrance to university, getting employed for a good position. To get acquainted with a beautiful girl you will certainly need a bouquet of chic roses. UFL will help you to congratulate your relatives, friends, business partners if they live in Armenia.

To do this, please contact our operator at +8 800 100 6942. Let him know the relevant information about the recipient of a gift: name, phone number, address. Think of the text we will print on the card and enclose into the bouquet. After you have paid for the order by credit card, electronic money or any of the options presented here you will receive confirmation that the bouquet has been delivered to the recipient within 4 hours. We are proud of the fact that we make deliveries in Armenia within the shortest possible period.

You can track the information about your order round-the-clock using a special service on our website. You can also contact our operators by phone, email, online chat, Skype, icq.

Our florists are known for their high level of training and extensive experience. They will readily listen to all your desires and if it is necessary will give you a piece of advice and make you acquainted with the language of flowers and peculiarities of making compositions.


We are happy to provide our services to you because we are sure of their quality.

Among our advantages we highlight the following ones:

  • fresh flowers and original compositions;
  • high-level professional skills of all the employees of the company: operators, florists, couriers — all of them will be happy to help you and will apply maximum of their efforts;
  • fair prices that mark us out from our competitors ;
  • flexible system of discounts;
  • safety of payment by credit cards, for this procedure we use a secure https server;
  • our openness and honesty — we ask you to write your comment about us that we will place on our website without any corrections or adjustments. We value your opinion because it helps us to improve our work.

Enjoy your purchases with UFL!

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