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Send flowers to Ukraine

I want to make delivery to Kiev, Ukraine.
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💐Flowers Ukraine

We deliver fresh Ukrainian flowers, gifts, floral arrangements, and cakes within a few hours in most Ukrainian cities. Want to surprise and rejoice in your darling person? We will do our utmost to make your present indelible and charming! Our website contains a large assortment of flowers for any event. Modern bouquets in the original design will fascinate even the most exigent recipients! So let's discover the benefits of sending flowers to Ukraine.

We greet you on the website of UFL company – cheap flower delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine. Flowers and our gamut of goods includes bouquets for your beloved and gifts for any occasion. Today we suggest you make an order for the most favorable price and send flowers to Ukraine. A single delivery cost in Ukraine - from 49Uah. The delivery of flowers in Kyiv is chargeless. The term of order execution is 5-24 hours - the same-day flower delivery. To make an individual flower order, please beloved with a unique present – all this now is possible with your flower delivery service UFL. Our Internet shop suggests gifts and floral delivery of flowers and gifts on behalf of our customers, ordering of flowers with delivery in Kyiv, Ukraine, and worldwide. We accept USD dollars, British pounds at an affordable exchange rate.

💐Flower Delivery within Ukraine

In our floral shop, you can always find fresh flowerets, dozen red roses, a single rose, and gifts with delivery at the earliest possible date. The most popular products are eleven roses, sympathy flowers, 12 red roses. Delivery of flowers in Kyiv – from 1 hour. Flowers with delivery in Ukraine – for 24 hours! Buying flowers in Kyiv is also possible in our floral boutique. The sale of blooms with delivery is one of our key activities. At the same time, our flower e-shop has been working since 2003. The fashionable floral boutique UFL at the heart of the city center was opened in 2008. Today we are deeply engaged in connection with other flower shops to our work. If you have your own flower shop – cooperation is very much welcome. Send flowers to Ukraine is our main specialization and we do that since 2003. 

🌎Ukraine flowers and its International perspective

We've created a comprehensive network of more than 3000 professional florists all around Ukraine plus 175 countries. It keeps growing and spreading all over the world. And this allows us to guarantee flower delivery in time, inform our clients about their order status promptly, and keep competitive and affordable prices.

⭐Flowers Ukraine: Why We Can Be Proud of Our Homeland

We are proud to be Ukrainians. Since ancient times, our motherland has been a land of great natural beauty and fertile land, and a place of power. Ukrainian inventions are great gifts for the world. Did you know that the fastest car in the world belongs to us, Ukrainians? 

Read our article Ukraine Above All: Why We Can Be Proud of Our Homeland to find out more about Ukraine and Ukrainians.

send flowers to Ukraine

❤Ukrainian Floristry

Why do send flowers to Ukraine is popular?  Delivery of flower bouquets brings great pleasure to an acceptor. That’s why our courier service of flower delivery realizes your orders with no days off. Even though UFL is a fashionable floral shop, here you can buy flowers at a low price. The wholesale delivery of flowers from the flower store lets us sell at competitive prices. Our service performs express delivery of flowers in Kyiv and Ukraine flower delivery within 24 hours or even less. Now you shouldn’t be puzzled by the place where you can buy flowers. Cooperation with Ukrainian and international flower stores gives us confidence that flowers will be delivered on time. We are developing all the time, and we seek partners among floral shops in Kyiv. An owner of a flower shop in Kyiv can get profitable conditions of cooperation with our service. We provide floral shops with everything necessary for work. UFL is a floral mail of Ukraine. To buy flowers here means to please a recipient and yourself. 

Flowers to Ukraine

We deliver fresh flowers in Ukraine in the following cities: Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnepr, Mykolaiv, Zaporozhie, Kherson, PoltavaRivneLugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhie, VinnicaKherson 

Reviews from Kiev
  • Hayley Brock
    Date of review: Yesterday
    Delivery to:
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  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2023-05-12
    Delivery to: Kiev
    I've ordered delivery 2nd time. Very pleased with the service. Thank you very much for your work! Very easy to make order, online consultant replies immediately.
  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2022-11-14
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    The order was delivered on time. Service was efficient. Thank you very much for your job especially nowadays.
    Manager response:  Oksana, thank you very much for your review. We will be glad to serve you again
  • Robert Koeck
    our client (with UFL from 2011-03-07)
    Date of review: 2022-09-22
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    Thank you for your great service :-)
    Manager response:  Robert, we would like to say thank you for your order and waiting for your coming back, UFL team.
  • Sarah
    our client (with UFL from 2018-11-28)
    Date of review: 2022-06-16
    Delivery to: Kiev
    Guys thank you for the incredible work you are doing the war times. I am your certain customer forever!
    Manager response:  Sarah, we are very happy to hear such a word from you. Happy to serve you, and happy to see you again.
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