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Bouquet of Leaves: How to Do and to Whom to Give

We often feel a little sad about quickly flashed summer, think about holidays or other pleasant memories in the fall. Because of this nostalgia we do not notice the riot of colors in nature, warm but not hot sunny days and a special mood, which can be only in the autumn.

Fall leaves bouquets
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This time many people like to walk around the groves and parks collecting fallen leaves, pine cones, twigs. These bright red, yellow, green and orange autumn gifts of nature literally ask you to get into your house. You can often see a bouquet of maple leaves in the living room or the kitchen, which gives the interior a special comfort in this season. But we can go further, and not just put in a vase things that have been collected in the vicinity of the house, but make a work of art. For example, the maple leaves can be turned into beautiful roses!
Fall leaves bouquets
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How to make a bouquet of leaves

First you need to gather as much as possible of maple (and not only) leaves of different sizes and various colors. Brighter is better. The leaves must have stems. Prepare a strong string, and you can start. It is preferably to collect the whole composition immediately, while the material is still easy to bend without breaking.

Fall leaves bouquets
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  • Holding the future “rose petal" by maple stem, mentally draw a horizontal line in the middle of the leaf and fold it in half.
  • Then, bend down the left and right upper corners to the stem, putting them on each other. Thus, you get a triangle on the leg. This form is similar to the rose petal.
  • Now connect petals one onto another. You can rewind the legs by thread after each addition. If you want, the very first sheet can simply be folded in half, and then twisted into the tube - this will be the core of the future rose. More colorful leaves bring more beautiful result of a whole arrangement.
  • Finished bunch of leaves can be decorated with pine cones, clusters of mountain ash, cypress and spruce branches, dead wood.
  • Bouquet can be placed in a basket, vase, or a simple glass bottle.

Fall leaves bouquets
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Few useful tips

If you want to be creative or refresh the interior, bouquets of leaves can help you. Photos of original arrangements are very easy to find on the Internet. Before you get started, it is possible to gain inspiration and see a lot of ideas.

Fall leaves bouquets
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Also the golden onion, yellow ear of corn, bright red apples or other "edible" jewelry will be an original complement to the bouquet.

For a long living of your masterpiece, it is recommended to dry by hanging "buds" down, for example, on the clothesline. You can also give some gloss. It's enough to put sunflower oil on petals by brush and allow drying.

Fall leaves bouquets
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All DIY`s and crafts` from natural materials fans will like this original arrangement. Give it to someone wishing comfort and family happiness. In addition, it is possible to present such a surprise to people who consider autumn as sad and uninteresting season. The placement of be the arrangement in your office would be an excellent idea – it`ll please you and your colleagues, creating a warm and sincere atmosphere.

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Last updated: 2018-08-20
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiia Art
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