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Original floristry: bouquet with berries and fruits

We are used to the fact that floristry - it is simply the use of different kinds of flowers and decorative elements. But life never stands still, so modern florists looking for new ways to surprise us.

Bouquets of fruits of berries
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Fruit bouquets

Sweet and colourful fruits give us not only the pleasure of taste but also an aesthetic pleasure. It is believed that fruits and berries usually are on the kitchen table, but "Artists of colour" are interested in them because of its brightness and shape. Thus, more and more, small apples, pomegranates, plums, figs, grapes and even citrus fruits can be seen in bouquets, especially in the wedding! The first four fruits perfectly fit in autumn bouquets, but the grapes with lemon or lime look good in the fresh and green summer bouquets.

Bouquet with fruits
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Well, for fans of this fruit, you can make a composition that consists entirely of these colourful ingredients. In this fruit, bouquet suggested experimenting with carving on fruits, which can have any shape you like.

As for the interior decoration, we can say that fruits suit perfectly to any type of decor! The popular and very beautiful way to freshen up a fruit bouquet is to place cut fruit in a vase. In this case, people often use slices of lemon, orange or lime.

Bouquets of berries
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Bouquet with berries

The multifaceted fantasy of florists does not shy away from the variety of berries. Traditionally the most used element of the bouquet is such berry as Hypericum. This unusual plant because of its bright red and green fruits decors every bouquet with new bright shades. It is equally often used both in a wedding florist and in every day.

Original bouquets of fruits and berries
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Also popular standard in floristry fruits are berries viburnum. His dark purple shades perfectly bright bouquets. Berries harmonious look in bouquets with succulents and large bright flowers.

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Bouquets of berries
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An unusual novelty is the use of floral arrangements of berries like strawberries, blackberries and cherries. His colour and juiciness they emphasise the elegance and freshness of the bouquet. With such an extraordinary bouquet you sure you'll be in the spotlight!

Fruit bouquets
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When there is a fantasy - all any thoughts and ideas become reality! You can always experiment with your favourite fruits or berries that eventually surprise your loved one's original bouquet.

Last updated: 2016-07-11
Section: Articles
Author: Vitalina Mellertakh
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