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Bride bouquet with succulents: originality in details

Wedding - it's always an exciting day, preceded by many months of troublesome preparations and difficult choices. Today, as in the past spring season, European themed weddings or a specific color based weddings are steel in trend. Provence, rustic, boho-chic - these festivities include not only a certain style of the room, but also the images of the bride and groom.

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For girls the wedding is a very special importance, because it is possible to realize their innermost dreams about dresses, and, of course, the wedding bouquet! As the ceremony should be unique, we offer you to choose the bride's bouquet with succulents. These lovely plants will be a great highlight of the composition, as well as help tastefully decorate room.

Succulents - new trends in wedding fashion

Succulent plants - is a series of incredible variety of colors and dwarf shrubs, which are united by one thing - a method for getting moisture. Furthermore, most of these plants are small, and some - are miniatures (2-3 cm). During the last few seasons succulents are the favorites of any wedding celebration, thanks to its variety and refined appearance. Moreover, wedding bouquets with succulents are versatile and suited to any style of wedding.

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The image of the groom can also be supplemented with a small "bouquet" with succulent as boutonnieres. It looks quite stylish and very unusual. In addition, it will fit perfectly with the image of the bride, completing the picture of a harmonious celebration of new family.

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As to the design of the hall, these plants will look great in a small bouquet on the table, in the form of decorative ornaments or even chairs for the wedding arches. Invitations can also be placed through these tiny and incredibly cute "stone" flowers. Moreover, quite stylish and creative the wedding cake looks, decorated with confectionary succulents.

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Of course, the main highlight of the bride in this day is the bridal bouquet. Depending on the idea and its implementation, it can be both bright and pastel colors. Regardless of the genre wedding, succulents in a bouquet will be a great highlight, indicating the individual style and good taste.

Bouquets with succulents: flower combinations

If you choose one of the "eco" weddings, like rustic, boho-chic or art-vuvo, here the main bias is on naturalness and unity with nature. Big colorful bouquet of wild flowers, peonies, ranunculus, poppy, lotus and berries can be perfectly complemented by one or more middle-size succulents.

Elegant rose and delicate orchid, clean and proud calla lily are also profitably set off by stylish and a few simple succulents. This will give charm and luxury to a bridal bouquet.

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Different shades of succulents - from blue to red - will help you to create a unique bouquet suitable for the celebration theme. So, it is best to combine green succulents with yellow, white, purple and pink flowers, blue succulents - with orange, crimson, green, gray and carmine color of a bouquet, and purple - with pastel buds.

Enjoy your happiest day, choose only the most beautiful wedding bouquets of succulents and let this day become the most light and joyful in your life!

Last updated: 2015-07-01
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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