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Easter table setting: Gallery of ideas

One of the main Orthodox holidays is the Resurrection of Christ, or Easter, which falls on April 12th this year.  Lent ends on this day, so the tables abound with a huge variety of dishes. Every housewife tries to pamper her loved ones with delicious food and special Easter cake - Pasca. It is also important to remember about table setting, since the décor is what creates a festive atmosphere in the house.

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We have compiled a gallery of ideas for serving festive table and dishes. The whole process of decorating is based on key attributes of the holiday:

  • colored eggs;
  • rabbits and poultry;
  • fresh flowers;
  • holiday candles.

Holiday attribute №1

Eggs are the main symbol of Easter, so we pay special attention to them. Generally speaking, even painted in different bright colors eggs are a full part of the decor. But if you have a little time, you can decorate them with extra details and even come up with an original Easter composition.

For example, eggs will look much more beautiful if you "twist them a nest" of twigs and straw or put them on a decorative moss rather than on the table or on an ordinary plate. Also, you can use small baskets or cardboard boxes (bags) as a stand for your Easter eggs.

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By the way, the egg on your desk does not necessarily have to be edible. Plate stand in the form of an egg is quite common for the Easter table decoration, as well as cover for cutlery, candles, vase shells, soft toys and many others.

Easter bunnies and birds

No less popular is Easter rabbit. While decorating the holiday table you can put chocolate rabbits on the plates or in a basket with eggs. You can arrange cards with names and napkins in a shape of small rabbits. Figurines can be placed near the vase with spring flowers and soft toys can be hanged on a chandelier.

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Birds are the messengers of heat and sun of springtime, and they make a good shape for cookies on the "sweet" table. Little yellow chickens can be put in the same basket with eggs, on the edge of a plate or hung over the table.

Flowers as a symbol of spring

Presence of fresh flowers on the Easter table is not required, but appreciated. After all, a nice seductive aroma and no less beautiful view of spring flowers will help you relax and tune into the bright day of Easter. You can place buds of tulips, daffodils and violets in a vase, baskets or eggshells, decorate plates and glasses or even food with them.

The sacred flame

Setting of a festive tables would be incomplete without one last element - candles. Fragile flickering light will add an atmosphere of solemnity, comfort and warmth to your holiday.

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Decorate your home and festive table with Easter symbols and celebrate the holiday in a warm, cozy atmosphere!

Last updated: 2015-03-25
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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