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Flower Carpet in the Garden from Alyssum

Joy and pride of every housewife is her garden or cottage. Magic flower garden, like a fairy tale about Gerda is not a fantasy, but the pleasure that you can create with your own hands. We continue to acquaint you with the gorgeous flowers that will decorate any area. Colorful annuals, luxury shrub roses and conifers fill cottage comfort and warmth. But these whimsical flowers do not cover all the space, and stones for the rock garden are not closed with plants. In this case, the most commonly trick is to create a low green iridescent carpet. Now your garden looks like a beautiful sea from alyssum flower. More about its planting and care - in this article.

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Alyssum: planting and care

These flowers with a delicious honey aroma are completely unpretentious, and their color is different from white to deep purple. Believe us, it will beautify your garden as near curbs and in the form of islands in the midst of luxurious flower bed. Today, this flower has hundreds of thousands of varieties, which are perfect for different climate, different illuminated areas and even for home greenhouses.

Alyssum flowering falls into the middle of April - early May, and at a stable temperature it will please you more than 1.5 months! There are annual and perennial species of this wonderful "carpet", but they need different care.

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A few tips on planting Alyssum in open ground

The flowers have no preference In soil - most importantly, that it was not too acidic or alkaline, and always well-drained;

On marshy and watery areas the plant will not rise, just like in poor lighting. Sunny place with little wind is Ideal for Alyssum - in such conditions it will bloom magnificently;

  1. It is best to start growing alyssum grown from seed in late May or early June, when warm temperatures finally establish;
  2. The distance between the bushes should be no less than 10 cm.
  3. The main care is timely watering, loosening the soil and periodic ejection of weeds.
  4. Watering should be regular and abundant, because plants need enough water for flowering. To determine whether you need to water the bush - just dig the ground at 2-3 cm.
  5. After flowering, it is better to cut off the faded part to keep the power of plants. From each branch of the bush about 2-3 cm should be left, then the next year you will get even more violent spike.

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Here's it, unpretentious alyssum, which will become an integral part of your garden rockeries or landscaping decor. Enjoy the perfect garden, assembles various shades, create and be happy!

Last updated: 2015-06-11
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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