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Flowers and Nature or Analyzing What She Likes

Only few days of February remain, which means that very soon will come the spring, and the whole world will be immersed in the greenery. Just in a few weeks the beautiful sun, fresh juicy grass and the incredible beauty of the flowers will please us.

In addition, the beginning of March is not only the "dawn" of nature, it is also a favorite holiday - March 8. On this day, the entire planet is covered with flowers, men rush to congratulate their ladies throughout the world. Luxury bouquets are presented to lovers, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, and even colleagues. Usually flowers on March 8 is only part of a present, a surprise addition to the main gift.

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Statistics show that the most popular gifts on March 8 are sweets, soft toys, jewelry, perfumes, or live butterflies. Still, the flowers are the most lovely and eloquent expression of feelings. Often, in such cases, men try to find out preferences of their women, in order to not to be trapped. However, in fact, not many men can truly interpret such preferences. After all, they are not even aware that the flowers and nature are somehow connected.

Determining the character on your favorite flowers

What she likes:

Daisies. This woman is very open and cheerful. In addition, she is easy to communicate with, likes the stability in life and is very hardworking.

Roses. The flowers of a true woman: loving, feminine, ambitious and even more overbearing. Be on the lookout, because she is sure that her wishes are the law, and she will do everything to fullfill them.

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Orchids. Unusual and amazing girl, like the flower itself. She is a bit capricious, does not tolerate platitudes, likes to talk about art - in general, you got bohemian lady.

Lilies of the valley. Reliable, responsible, straight woman, for whom honesty and fairness are above all else. Just be prepared for the fact that to achieve your goal you will have to work long and very hard, because they are almost unapproachable! But if you're lucky, and you will win her, her pride eventually subside.

Lilies. An amazing woman, a real queen! She knows her strengths, very sociable, energetic and incredibly charming. At the same time, a lover of lilies is extremely shy, that is why sometimes they can be quite difficult to communicate with.

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Gerbera. The first impression is the "woman in the muffler", a sort of button-down serious touchy. Believe me, this is just a shell, which hides fine loving nature, seeking perfection!

Tulips. Very charismatic and colorful personality who used to rely only on themselves. They are very flexible, easy to converge with the most difficult people, but to get her some candor is almost unreal. Truly a mystery girl!

Violets. Sentimental and romantic young lady, with an inner core. Sometimes a woman may be sad, and she loves to talk about the sublime. However, if circumstances require, she will show stable and strong character!

Chrysanthemums. Very serious and discreet lady who yearns to reach the ideal. In addition, be prepared: she loves to dig in herself and tries to stay as far as possible from the outside world. Loving her is very difficult, because she does not aspire to it. But try to melt the ice castle, and you will see them in a different light: gentle, timid and unsure of themselves, these women are very dedicated and vulnerable.

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As we can see, women have an incredibly thin and multi-faceted nature. Each of them is a wonderful world, which opens in all its diversity only loving heart. Determine her character on the favorite flower, and you'll know exactly what to do next.

But there is a universal recipe: choose her favorite flowers on March 8, please her with spontaneous exclusive gifts, be careful with her - and you will see how she will change. It is not for nothing that says that if a woman blooms, then she has a great gardener!

Last updated: 2015-02-21
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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