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The main Ukrainian flowers: photos, symbols and meanings

Each country has its own symbols, many of them in the Ukrainian state. We hear a mention of them in a Ukrainian song. We see their images in drawings, embroidery, in paintings of jugs, houses. Plant symbols of Ukraine: poplar, viburnum, willow, oak. Among them are flowers, they have long indicated the beauty and uniqueness of the Ukrainian land. The Plant - Symbols of Ukraine project provides an opportunity to learn more about them. Previously, people knew everything about the properties of flowers, each plant had a meaning, medicinal or even magical power. The appearance of flowers is associated with spring with warmth, love and hope. Therefore, in Ukrainian culture, giving flowers to loved ones is a sign of good wishes.


Among the plants of the symbols of Ukraine is the sunflower. This incredibly bright flower is a sign of the sun. It brings people strength and well-being, is considered the embodiment of solar energy, good life, good health. It is difficult to imagine a Ukrainian village without these flowers. The sunflower is very similar to the celestial body and constantly turns its golden head behind it. Moreover, it symbolizes the Motherland, wherever we are, we always return to Ukraine in our minds, we reach out to it like a sunflower to the sun. From ancient times, Ukrainians plant it near the mounds and in the garden. No wonder this flower is a symbol of Ukraine, as well as wheat fields, sunflower fields remind us of the colors of the national flag. By the way, our country ranks second in the world for growing sunflower seeds. In Ukraine, there are many legends about the plants-symbols of Ukraine, and in particular about sunflowers.

Legend about sunflower

Once upon a time, the sun rose on the earth with his daughters. During the day they were on earth, and in the evening they returned to heaven. One day the youngest of them forgot a wreath of flowers, returned after him and saw a young man. She fell in love and wanted to stay with him on earth. Over time, her husband paid less and less attention to her, the girl missed the sky. When she wanted to return, she saw that her legs had grown to the ground. Then the beauty turned to the flower, which was mourning all the time for the Motherland, staring at the Ukrainian sky, turning her head to the sun.

Plants symbols of Ukraine: periwinkle

Ukrainian land is also called periwinkle. The name of these flowers indicates that they are very colorful. They are a national plant symbol. The decoration of such flowers adorns the Ukrainian wedding loaf, they are woven into the hair, grown near the Ukrainian house. Periwinkle is always green, even in winter under the snow retains its color, because of this it was still considered a symbol of eternal love, immortal soul. Young people in Ukraine believed that a girl and a young man should eat flower leaves together, then passionate love would surely break out between them.

Ukrainians have always respected nature, believed that it is alive, and in the existence of good and evil forces in it. People wanted to protect themselves from evil, created magical charms from periwinkle flowers. Plants-symbols of Ukraine were hung above the door so that the evil force could not enter the house, and were not thrown away, even when it dried, but let into the water. The smell of periwinkle flowers was to frighten bad spirits, to protect a person from all evil.

The meaning of the flowers of the Ukrainian wreath

Plants, symbols of Ukraine, were both a talisman and an ornament. The ability to properly weave a Ukrainian wreath of flowers was passed from mother to daughter for thousands of years. It was necessary to know what to do with flowers, in what to soak that to keep freshness longer. Older sisters or mothers wove jewelry for little girls. Collecting flowers and weaving them into wreaths was accompanied by ceremonial songs. In Ukraine, they believed that if you put a headdress of flowers under a pillow, you will see a prophetic dream. A special magical power was in the flowers collected by a pregnant woman, they gave fertility to the fields and all the cattle. Each plant had its own meaning:


chamomile - a symbol of love, fidelity;
chamomile - a symbol of love, fidelity;
poppy - the flower of girls' dreams, fertility, youth, beauty;
cornflowers - indicate the kindness of the heart;
mallow - love for the Motherland.
mint - a talisman for children, their health;
oregano - a symbol of mother's love;
divyasil - gives a person health, nine strengths;
apple or cherry blossoms - devotion to the mother;
Immortal - good health, healing;
viburnum - a symbol of femininity, love for home;
hops - intelligence, flexibility;

The girls wore Ukrainian wreaths from the age of three, their mother made them, bathed them in the dew after sunset. Among the flowers were marigolds, they prevented headaches. Forget-me-nots and periwinkles were also added to have a good effect on eyesight and chamomile - to calm the heart. In Ukraine, the girl wore such an amulet made of flowers on the Spasov holidays, handed her a consecrated apple and wished: "Let there be a healthy spirit in a healthy body." A four-year-old child wore another Ukrainian wreath, the tips of the petals were cut in the flowers, and an immortelle and apple leaves were added to them. In Ukraine, six-year-old girls wore wreaths with interwoven flowers of cornflowers and poppies, which guaranteed a good night's sleep and kept their thoughts calm. A wreath of seven flowers with an apple blossom was presented at the age of seven, the father wore this Ukrainian symbol on his daughter's head and said: "Mother apple, do not spare health and good fortune for my child."

From the age of 13, a Ukrainian wreath of love was woven from viburnum flowers, it also contained daisies, apple blossoms, cherries and hops. During the long separation from the beloved, the girls gave the boys a special wreath of cornflowers and lovage flowers, it symbolized devotion. The young man wrapped him in a silk handkerchief and always kept it close to his heart. An amulet made of Ukrainian flowers gave hope that the boy was loved, waited for in Ukraine, and was always remembered.

Kalyna is a symbol of Ukraine

In Ukraine, when the son became an adult and left his home, the mother blessed him and asked him not to forget the viburnum - a symbol of home. She is associated with her family and the place where we were born - with Ukraine. This plant, like our country, is very hardy, its berries do not lose their beauty, taste and medicinal properties, even after a severe winter. They say that without it there will be no Ukraine. Kalina reminded people of the fiery trinity: the sun, the moon and the stars. Probably, it got its name from the name of the Sun - Circle. Indeed, the berries of the plant have the shape of a circle, and it in turn symbolizes eternity, it is the eternal maiden beauty and eternal memory of parents, Ukraine. Viburnum also means love, the seeds of this plant in the shape of a heart.

Ukraine is a picturesque land where we were lucky to be born and live, where our relatives live, where our ancestors lived from time immemorial and our children should live happily! Let's preserve the Ukrainian folk symbols and traditions associated with them, then there will be luck and happiness in our lives!

Last updated: 2022-12-24
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