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  • Ben Pesci
    Date of review: 2023-10-26
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    LOST CRYPTO/ETH/FUNDS RECOVERY EXPERTS//LOST RECOVERY MASTERS I happened to fall for a crypto currency scam trick Late last year. Through a phishing scam, a Facebook imposter convinced me of howI would gain a large sum of profit from an authorized crypto company that he claimed helped traders invest and gain large profits. They ripped me off and made a way off with $114000 worth of crypto. I was in disbelief and discomfort as this was my hard earned funds. After reading positive articles and online testimonies about a licensed group of hackers LOST RECOVERY MASTERS of how they are experts in crypto/btc recovery and any form of hacking. After striking up a conversation with them,they were able to recover back my funds. As a form of appreciation this was the best I could do for them. Contact; Email (Support@ lostrecoverymasters.com) or reach them through;Whatsapp; 1(204)819-5505Learn more:https://lostrecoverymasters. com/ Don't forget to mention Ben referred you.
  • Willimas kings
    Date of review: 2023-10-20
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    Francisco Hacker's top-notch skills and unwavering determination saved the day! They recovered my lost Bitcoin of $67,000 USD with precision and personal care. Don't hesitate to put your trust in Francisco Hacker for your crypto recovery needs: Contact them via Email: Franciscohack(@)qualityservice.com Telegram: @Franciscohacker
    Date of review: 2023-10-14
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    I'd like to share a cautionary tale about falling victim to a Bitcoin mining scam. I invested $350,000 in what turned out to be a phony operation, lured by the promise of large earnings. While exploring various solutions, I stumbled across SILVERTHEC RECOVERY while devastated and uncertain about the likelihood of retrieving my lost monies. I sent a lengthy email to silverthec@proton.me and ON TELEGRAM at@silverthecrecovery. spoke with a smart contract audit. I contacted their support service with distrust in my heart. Their caring and competent approach calmed me, and they went above and beyond to assist me in recovering a significant chunk of my stolen bitcoins. The impossible was made achievable through SILVERTHEC RECOVERY.
  • hemela
    Date of review: 2023-10-13
    Delivery to:
    Don't give up if you misplaced your Bitcoin. Assistance is accessible. Computer specialist Recovery can assist you in recovering your Bitcoin if you contact them right away. Although there is no assurance of success, Computer specialist Recovery has a successful track record. After seeing your website through a Google search, I made the decision to phone you. Your expertise and professionalism immediately wowed me. You patiently responded to my questions while carefully outlining the recuperation process. Your dedication to client satisfaction also struck me as admirable. You never hid anything from me and always kept me informed of your progress. I value your existence, therefore please accept my gratitude to Computerspeciallist@engineer.com whtsapp +393512018070
  • Amelia Phillips
    Date of review: 2023-10-10
    Delivery to:
    Technocrat Recovery leverages state-of-the-art hacking techniques to access the hidden corners of a partner's phone. Their cutting-edge technology surpasses the security measures of even the most advanced devices, granting clients direct entry into their cheating partner's digital world. With unparalleled expertise and an unyielding commitment to client confidentiality, Technocrat Recovery operates with utmost professionalism and integrity. Trapped in a web of lies, suspicions can gnaw at one's sanity, demanding truth and closure. Technocrat Recovery acknowledges the vital importance of evidence in clearing doubts, restoring confidence, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions. By engaging their services, clients can gain access to a wealth of information, including text messages, call logs, social media activities, and digital correspondence, to expose the truth. Technocrat Recovery may be accessed at the addresses; technocratrecovery(@)proton . me Whatsapp +1(573)356-3708
    Date of review: 2023-10-02
    Delivery to:
    After falling victim to a cryptocurrency investment scam, my family and I were left in frustration, after these scumbags stole $847,401 total in USDT and Bitcoins from us. We were so lucky to come across a post about SILVER HACK DIGITAL RECOVERY, ''silverhackaccessories@proton.me'' A cryptocurrency and funds recovery company with plenty of experience in cybersecurity. ''SILVER HACK DIGITAL RECOVERY'' was able to recover all of our funds, and with the information we provided, they were able to track down and report to the appropriate authorities. I highly recommend ''SILVER HACK DIGITAL RECOVERY'' for your cryptocurrency and funds recovery, you can Contact them via: Email: silverhackaccessories@proton.me Telegram: @silverhackdigital
  • kate
    Date of review: 2023-09-25
    Delivery to:
    HOW I GOT MY CRYPTO BACK FROM SCAMMERS 2023 Hello everyone I want to use this Medium to say big thank you to www. ethicsrefinance.com for they helped me recover my stolen crypto worth $20,000 through their hacking skills I tried it I was skeptic but it worked and I got my money back, Im so glad I came across them early because I thought I was never going to get my money back from those fake online investment websites .. you can also contact them via ethicsrefinance@gmail.com www.ethicsrefinance.com
  • catherine
    Date of review: 2023-08-10
    Delivery to:
    Hello everyone I want to use this Medium to say big thank you to www.ethicsrefinance.com for they just helped me recover my stolen crypto worth $367,000 through their hacking skills I tried it I was skeptic but it worked and I got my money back, Im so glad I came across them early because I thought I was never going to have my money back from those fake online investments website .. you can also contact them via ethicsrefinance@gmail.com you can also contact them for any of this services * Recovery lost/stolen crypto * Blank atm card * paypal hack transfer * Cashapp flip/hack transfer * Bank wire transfer * Western union hack * Any hacks you need visit...www .ethicsrefinance .com
  • Kayla Harris
    Date of review: 2023-06-07
    Delivery to:
    TO RESTORE LOST BITCOIN;CONTACT RECOVERY MASTERS After a long research on btc recovery, I found a Bitcoin expert who linked me to a Legitimate Recovery Company named Recovery Masters who helped me get my crypto back. I was curious at first about my trust to work with them,but my funds were able to be recovered, and transferred back to me within an hour. Simply file a complaint through the Recovery Masters website and find your lost Btc/Crypto transactions back through their services. Contact info Mail; (Recoverymasters@email.cz ) Website https://recoverymasters.wixsite.com/recoverymasters
  • Sebastian
    Date of review: 2023-05-16
    Delivery to:
    I have just placed my 85th order with UFL. That says more than any words I can write. Each and every delivery of theirs has been excellent; fresh and beautiful flowers, wonderful quality gifts. It is also very easy to communicate with them in English. They are also good value for money.
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