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Holidays in Hungary: bright variety

If you are looking for a country of great opportunities for a varied holiday, you should not immediately order a tour to overseas. You can find a great vacation of high-quality nearby. For lovers of sea, sun and golden beaches Croatia would be perfect, but for lovers of nature and seekers of treatments the best holiday would be in Hungary.

Almost the whole country abounds with all sorts of hot springs that will help you get rid of all illnesses and fully rejuvenate. These springs were known in the Middle Ages, and since then they have earned a reputation throughout Europe. And today these baths and lakes attract tourists from all over the world to give them strength, health, and a wonderful vacation.

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Water sources in Hungary

Absolutely healthy people do not exist; each of us has our own trouble spots that worry us from time to time. Balneological sanatorium specializes in many of diseases, providing both preventive and medical care. What can be cured in the resorts of Hungary:

  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • chronic inflammations;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • hormonal disorders.

In addition, holidays at lakes in Hungary is a necessary requirement  when recovering from operations and serious injuries, with all kinds of gynecological diseases. And healthy air and quiet atmosphere will help to stabilize the natural state from nervous breakdowns and strong shocks. Furthermore, the healing water springs and baths have the necessary properties to significantly accelerate the treatment of obesity and related disorders.

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The main thermal spas of Hungary

For a comprehensive rejuvenation it is best to come to:

  • Budapest;
  • Bukfurdo;
  • Hévíz;
  • Sarvar.

Ancient Budapest, in addition to its history, magnificent architecture and a large number of attractions, has more than 120 sources, half of which have medicinal properties. Gellert and Szechenyi are the most famous and loved baths, where millions of tourists from around the world come every year.

Bukfurdo is a unique resort because of its water with properties not found anywhere else. This is a reason why this spa center has the leading hospitals in Europe. Great location (close to the Austrian border) is an added plus, because you have the ability to seamlessly continue your journey in a new country.

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Lake Hévíz is the largest natural healing pond in Europe. The healing properties of water will help to recover after a major operation, and the reception inside minerals facilitate the flow of stomach ailments.

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Medical Spa Sarvar is known in Europe thanks to two sources of water with temperatures 43 and 83°C. The first source of water is to help with the rehabilitation and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, while the hot water in the second helps to treat problems of the respiratory tract. Salt crystals and caves, baths and special treatments stimulate a speedy recovery.

So here is how to spend a wonderful holiday in Hungary in summer. You can find new journeys, incredible memories and emotions, thrills and, of course, the health on the best hot springs in Europe!

Last updated: 2015-06-03
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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