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How to make flowers last longer?

All women like flowers. What a magnificent feeling is to hold a bunch of fresh flowers in your hands! Any of them also wants to make the joy last longer! The luck is there are also secrets knowing which will help you to preserve your flowers longer — our florists will help you make it right!

The most important thing you need to know to keep flowers fresh longer is an appropriate care and attention. In spite of the fact the life cycle of most of the flowers is pretty short, using the tips you’ll be able to make it longer at least for a couple of days. Put a vase of flowers into some chilly place, away from drafts, for flowers to make flowers last longer. First of all, clean water is all you need to preserve flowers’ freshness. Besides, there are a variety of options of how to make the flowers’ beauty last longer. For example, you can use sugar or acid. Make sure of the vase to be clean. It’s a nice idea to use bleach for reaching the goal.
How to preserve flowers and what things to use
It’s recommended to cut different types of flowers in different ways. Some types, such as delphinium and lilac, is better to cut when you see at least one of plenty of florets has opened. Other types of flowers, such as sunflower and marigold, that have only one huge flower each, is recommended to cut as soon as it fully opened.

Cut flowers when it’s chilly. All flowers loose less liquid in cold weather and in the cold time of day. Cutting flowers early in the morning will keep them fresh longer.

Put flowers into a large and clean vessel. We recommend you to keep flowers only in clean vases.

Put flower stems into a warm water. After you cut the plants, the stems will need the access to the warm water much effective than cold one. 
How to make flowers last longer in vase
Remove leaves. To keep flowers fresh longer you should remove all leaves below the water line. Leaves have been put into water environment for a long time could rot. Don’t let that happen.

Change water. Change the water every day. Remove all the garbage before filling it with clean water. As a result, you will reduce the chance of bacteria.

Look for flower stems. You need to make sure all the stems have been put below the waterline. Cut all stem tips using sharp scissors or a knife. Do it at a 45-degree angle. Doing it will help the flowers to absorb water.

Avoid the environment impact on flowers. Avoid a direct sunlight contact with the surface of the flowers. Besides, keep a vase of flowers away from electric devices-sources of warmth, such as heaters, TVs, and others.

Remove flowers after they fade. Remove all the dead flowers as soon as possible. Faded flowers — the main source of ethylene, which could cause a chain reaction, and the other flowers will have met their death. You may throw away these flowers or just use them as an adornment.

Following the instruction will help you to make flowers last longer and keep them fresh for a maximal period of time. 
How to make fresh flowers last longer
Use home remedies to care for your flowers.

Use the mix of one part of soda and three parts of clean water. Add to it a few drops of bleach to kill all harmful microorganisms.

You can add some sugar, lemon juice, and bleach. It will help you avoid bacteria formation.

Use vodka. Few drops of vodka could prevent the formation of ethylene. It’s a pretty effective stuff, but it’s not such good as bleach which kills microorganisms.

Aspirin and white vinegar are alternative sources of acid, but it seems like less effective than lemon juice or citrus soda. Bu careful using aspirin — a lot of it could harm or even kill flowers.

Using these tips and advice will make fresh flowers last much longer. Use these recommendations, and gifted flowers will delight you with their freshness and beauty. 
Last updated: 2017-02-23
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Author: UFL
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