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How to make your own fruit bouquet?

How to make your own fruit bouquet?
What else could be such an unusual and so magnificent addition to a great dinner as a fruit bouquet? The colorful and delicious composition will have found its place on any table! This fabulous bouquet is a genial embodiment of floristic ideas in a truly gorgeous appearance. Besides, it’s a fantastic alternative to trivial flower bouquets. A fruit bouquet is not only a fabulous gift but also a great delicacy! Every bouquet is a picturesque composition of different fruits and berries, each of which is a nice and harmonic addition to the others.

Nowadays you may find these extravagant fruit desserts on Birthday parties, corporative events, weddings, children celebrations, festive dinners and another festive occasion. You may also use leaves of green, candies and different kinds of toys. Fruit bouquet will delight your dear ones and near ones. Such a marvelous composition is a breath of fresh air among the dishes you are used to!

In this article we’ll tell you how to make your own fruit bouquet, so you can use this knowledge to make the delicious composition with your own hands! Also, it’s a great idea to turn the bouquet creation process into something to do in a family circle. It’s a fabulous opportunity for your children to have found something brand new during the process. Besides, this refined delicacy looks gorgeous! 

Making your own fruit bouquet is easy!
Making the fruit bouquet is not just fun, but also easy! Anyone, even a kid, is able to do it without any difficulty. All you need is to know how to make a fruit bouquet, having a desire to make it, and all necessary stuff.

You have to pick necessary ingredients, such as apples, grape, a pineapple, peaches, a melon, kiwi, strawberries and others you want to add. It’s important to care about fruits to be fresh and clean. There must be no black spots or cracks on the surface. Also, fruits you choose should not be much juicy; it’s pretty important because in the opposite case there’s a risk the fruits couldn’t be held up. Next step, the fruits should be washed out, dried out, and cleaned out (for a pineapple and citrus). It’s also recommended to slice up the fruits shortly before you’ll start making the bouquet to keep them look fresh and natural longer.

During the process of stinging the fruit pieces on skewers, you may find the sharp tops sticking up of fruit slices. In that case, we recommend you to use grape. You should cut each of grape berries into halves, and cover the skewers tops with these. 
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Fruit bouquet making guide
To make a marvelous fruit bouquet with your hands all you need is a simple knife. You could use different tools you got. It depends on of what you kind of a fruit bouquet you want to make. You should sting the sliced fruit pieces on skewers, one or a few at a time. It depends on of your imagination!

Also, you should get a basket or a wide vase, with some soft material to fix the fruit skewers. You can use a piece of pastry or an «oasis» you could find in a florist shop. The decorative basis should be covered with a plastic wrap to avoid its contact with the fruits.

It’s important to alternate the long and short fruit skewer, different fruits, forms and shades evenly, to make the bouquet look harmonic. It’s also a good idea to fill the gaps between fruit skewers with green, to make the composition look natural.

Making a fruit bouquet is an interesting and easy process. Make up your own one to amaze your dear ones!
Last updated: 2022-12-20
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Author: UFL
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