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The most expensive schools in the world

Certainly, most of us once in a lifetime dreamed about attending exclusive boarding school. However, fabulous amounts of many for tuition in the establishments listed below allow studying there only the richest and most famous children.

Le Rosey (Switzerland)

Le Rosey is a truly exclusive boarding school which is situated in a magnificent castle. This educational establishment is supposed to the most expensive in the world. Life of the students here is truly royal one: in summer they live in the castle while in winter they move to another campus within easy reach of ski slopes. Independently of the season students can admire fantastic surroundings, practice horseback riding (the school has own stables), play tennis, relax in saunas or swim in the pool. Moreover, Le Rosey has the own chef who cooks the most exclusive and delicious dishes.

Fees: 75 000 $ a year.

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Eton College (Great Britain)

Famous private school for boys is still one of the world’s leading educational establishments. The tuition here costs a real fortune. Eton College founded by King Henry VI in far 1440. Among the graduates of this school, there are a lot of famous public persons, politicians, actors and members of royal families. Both princes of the UK, William and Harry, studied here as well as current prime minister of the Foggy Albion – David Cameron. After finishing Eton College, almost all the students successfully enter prestigious Oxford or Cambridge which is a reliable evidence of the educational level at Eton.
Fees: 50 000 $ a year.

Lawrenceville School (USA)

This private school has a series of advantages: spacious sports complex with unimaginable amount of sports inventory, training simulators and places for training. Besides, here pupils do not sit at the desks. Very often children (the amount of them should not exceed more than 12 persons in one class) sit over roundtable on equal terms with their teacher. This practice allows having interactive and live communication with a tutor. 

Fees: 45 000 $ a year.

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Trinity School (USA)

Founded at the beginning of 18th century this independent school currently is the most famous in the world owing to its high academic standards and brilliant educational personnel. Over 20 teachers of Trinity School are PhD. As the school is located in Manhattan, it does not have extensive territories so the most of the sports facilities and gaming zone are situated on the roof.  

Fees, without accommodation: 41 500 $.

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Yew Chung (China)

International school Yew Chung, which is located in Shanghai can be considered as the innovative school of the future. Each class here has interactive boards, computer labs, mini research centres and music rooms. By annual reports, up to 95-100% of the school graduates without any problems enter to the world’s leading universities.

Fees: 38 500 $ a year.

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Last updated: 2021-08-12
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Author: ua.flowers
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