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Famous Flower Festivals

Since even one bouquet can give a splash of joy it is not surprising that people came to the idea of organizing flower festivals the real fests of natural beauty! The very idea of such activities makes the heart soar everyone should see such a fest at least once in his or her life. It is up to you to decide which of the festivals you want to visit, we just want to try and tell you about some of them to you decide where to go.

Cordoba Patio Festival in Spain

Flowers became a real cult in the town in the southern part of sunny Spain! Hot weather put local citizens to creating small sanctuaries of greenery in the inner courts or patios of their homes. Thanks to the abundance of plants and flowers relative freshness is kept in the premises even on the most hot midday.

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The very term patio means that the space is closed from a strangers eyes. However, every May Cordoba welcomes everyone to a flower festival participated by owners of the most picturesque inner courts. This is the time when the owners are happy to demonstrate to the world the profits of their fantasy and floristic efforts.

You cannot even imagine how bright, colorful and festive may be the small and cozy patios! The festival is so interesting and unique that is was included into the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity!

If you visit the Patio Festival youll be able to not only appreciate the beauty of the flowers and plants but also to enjoy Spanish music, watch flamenco dancing and taste local foods and drinks.

Flower Parade in Holland

It is not surprising that such a floral country organizes such a parade every year. If you get there just once, youll keep the brightest memories of the event for all your life because the demonstration is truly grandiose!

During the parade the streets are invaded by moving platforms with giant figures made of natural flowers. This April event is a real spring fest! The only scent that fills the air around is worth of millions!

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For a symbolic fee everyone can witness how the parade is being prepared: how numerous volunteers decorate papier-mache frames with tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and other flowers.

When the parade is over the flower figures stay outside being crafty illuminated. Then they can be observed not only by locals but also my tourists from nearby towns and countries. Would you like to be among the visitors?

Flower Festival in Sankt-Petersburg

We have good news for those who live in Russia and cannot go abroad to appreciate the masterpieces of floristic art such events exist in Russia, too! At the Flower Festival in Sankt-Petersburg youll be amazed by creations of dozens of florists. They will also invite you to interesting workshops and adorn you with flowers and works made of flowers.

Youll get high of aromas of roses and lilies, excited of combinations of different plants, and no way youll be sorry of spending your time on the unforgettable event!

Festival of Gardens and Flowers in Gorky Park in Moscow

Of course, Russian capital can boast of floral events, too. Recently the megacity welcomed the third Moscow Festival of Gardens and Flowers.

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During the event the world class landscape designers shared their skills with colleagues and gave everyone a chance to appreciate their works. Unique floristic compositions and impressive installations, works of creative foreign artists and perfumers did not let visitors feel bored at the fest!

We could have talked about such events for hours there are so many floristic fests in the world! For example, the famous Battle of Flowers in Jersey, Great Britain. Or flower parade in British Spalding, or the greatest flower festival on the Italian peninsula called Infiorata. Its also worth to mention the famous floral carpet in the center of Brussels, Belgium.

But seeing is believing, and its better to see all the beauty with your own eyes then to hear the stories. We hope that our article will inspire you to go and do this!

Last updated: 2014-08-21
Section: News
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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