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What Potted Plants Can Be Kept in the Kitchen

There are people who cannot imagine their life without indoor plants, but there are those who do not understand the first ones. But in any case we do not mind a cozy and beautiful interior. Suppose you have decided to improve the look of your kitchen, not wanting to spend lots of money and time. Designers recommend to go simple and proven way: to revive the interior with plants and ecodecore. Do not be surprised: choosing flowers for the kitchen is easier than you think. It is important to remember the basic rules.

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The best plants for kitchen

  1. Chlorophytum. It is very tough to temperature differences. In addition chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air. In gratitude indulge it with occasional sprinkles and a warm shower. This plant deserves admiration, and we can safely give it the first place in our rating
  2. Crassula. It is the best option for those who waters flowers just before the big holidays. Crassula does not require special attention, the only condition for this flower is good lighting. Therefore, if a window is facing north and is obscured by blinds or balcony, it is not worth the risk. Another representative of this family - Kalanchoe – is not less attractive: it blooms profusely long, bright (even ranked in the top most beautiful indoor plants) and is not afraid of drought and darkened rooms;
  3.  Zamioculcas. This plant is godsend for rooms with low comfort. It seems that there is nothing it is afraid of neither drought nor drafts nor change of place. However, the decorative appearance of Zamioculcas makes it a soloist among flowers in the kitchen.

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Tips for placing flowers in the interior of the kitchen

The most favorable place for the majority of plants is a window sill, which is closer to the light. But this, as you know, is not necessary. The main thing is not to put the pots near the stove or sink. There's a high probability of high temperatures (in the first case) and soap spray (in the second), which will just simply kill your plants.

Climbing plants are real treasure for small rooms, because they can be placed without occupying horizontal areas. Twine ivy, tsissus arctic, philodendron, epipremnum are beautiful choices for the kitchen interior. All of them cannot tolerate direct sunlight, so they will feel great on the walls and in partial shade.

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Blossomong plants look great in the kitchen, do not take up much space, and among them you can find unpretentious specimens:

  • violets. The choice of varieties is so huge that bewilders inexperienced growers;
  • begonias. They will not cause any problems with the cultivation and care. Another plus in their favor is that they like to be in a shadow. This is essentially important for dark rooms;
  • hyacinths and other bulbs. They are very convenient: bulbs can elegantly decorate any holiday table. Hyacinths also have an incredible smell!

Not always there is an opportunity to put a vase with a bouquet on a dining table. Therefore you for certain will find application for the blossoming plants in the first place.

Decorative peppers, tomatoes, lemons, tangerine trees are useful plants which can help to maintain the interior of a Mediterranean or country style. They need to be placed in a prominent place on the background of more neutral species of flora.

Experiment, do not be afraid to fail, and decorate your home with love, and it will answer you the same!

Last updated: 2014-12-05
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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