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Caring For the Potted Rose: Tips

Rose is a favorite flower of many women around the world. It`s not necessarily always to buy bouquets of roses to have the fragrance and beauty of the flower always present in your life. It is enough just to get a plant at home. In this article you will learn how to properly care for the potted rose and what kind of conditions are necessary to “royal” flower for strong growth and abundant flowering at home.

Potted roses
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Transplant of potted rose: what you need to know?

If you have just recently purchased a pot with a rose, do not take the time to transplant it immediately. It must first adapt to the new climate. Therefore, it is better if you put it on the east or south-east window and wait a couple of days. Gardeners recommend transplanting potted rose to a new pot during the growing moon. Do this very carefully; otherwise you may damage the roots and the ground.
Ground for your potted rose should be chosen carefully: it must be very nutritious, composed of turf, humus soil and sand. Lay drainage layer about 1 cm thick on the bottom of the pot, then put a layer of soil mixed with fertilizer in the granules, and already on top put of a layer without fertilizing.

Potted roses
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How to transplant the potted rose

Before you start to transplant a flower, firstly it must be abundantly poured with water in the old pot. Then you need gently to turn the container holding the bush plants, and slightly shaking the container. Thus, you effortlessly will pull out a plant. Transplanted potted rose is not immediately watered; you need only sprinkle the leaves and place the pot on the north window. A day later the flower is already possible to move to a sunny place.

Potted roses
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How to care for a potted rose?

Caring for the room rose in summer:
  • In the hottest period the plant should be protected from strong heat.
  • Regularly remove the faded foliage and flowers.
  • If necessary, transplant into a more spacious capacity.
  • Periodically rotate the plant in the window for the uniform growth so as rose always reaches for sunlight.
Potted roses
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Caring for the potted rose in the fall:
  • Put the pot on the south window and protect against hypothermia.
  • Watering a rose should be so that the ground remained dry somewhere for 1-2 days before the next watering.
  • The pot must be kept away from batteries or radiators, otherwise rose will begin to dry up.
  • Before winter flower should be cut, leaving each branch a few live buds and leaves. This will help rose bloom profusely and look neat in the next year.
Potted roses
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Caring for the potted rose in winter:
  • In winter, rose almost doesn`t blossom and grow.
  • Watering should be fairly rare – 2-3 days after the complete drying of the ground.
  • Pot with a rose should be put on the tray with wet pebbles so that the plant does not withered away because of the heat radiators.
  • It is also necessary occasionally to spray the flower of pure water at room temperature.
Potted roses
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Caring for the potted rose in spring:
  • In the spring, rose begins to show new leaves and branches.
  • Watering must be abundant, so you need to moisten the parched ground once a day.
  • Rose can be fed by special fertilizers, spraying their plants once a week.
  • If the potted rose is actively growing, then, if necessary, it can be transplanted into slightly larger pot, and in the summer – bring to the balcony or loggia.
Potted roses
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Last updated: 2015-11-09
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Author: Anastasiia Art
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