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Product Cycas
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    Cycas(1 pt.).

Cycad (cicas, sago palm) is the oldest plant on our planet. In nature, this palm tree lives up to 5000 years. In the conditions of our premises, the cycad is considered a valuable, slow-growing plant, since only one row of leaves grows during the year, which persists for several years. This plant is considered difficult to grow as an indoor plant, requiring attention and proper care. TEMPERATURE: Cygad tolerates temperature fluctuations well. In winter, prefers a cooler content at a temperature of 12-16 ° C, at least 8 ° C. In the summer, it is possible to transfer the plant to the balcony or garden, providing uniform lighting and protection from the wind in the new place.

LIGHTING: It is preferable during the period of active growth, in summer, to provide bright diffused light for more intensive growth and development of new leaves. The rest of the time, the plant is not demanding on lighting.

WATERING: In the summer, during the period of active development, the cicas are abundantly and often watered and fed regularly. For irrigation, use rain, melt, settled water, water with a minimum salt content.

AIR HUMIDITY: One of the challenges of growing cicassa is the need to maintain high humidity in the room where the plant is kept. Regular spraying of the leaves, a warm shower (while the water should not fall on the cone - the growing point) - also contributes to the successful cultivation of the cycad.

TRANSFER: Up to 5 years of age, they are transplanted every year, then once every five years. Cycads can only be loaded into a pot slightly larger than the old one; you cannot cut off old roots, shake off old soil, etc.

REPRODUCTION: In greenhouses, cicas are propagated by seeds, at home by offspring that appear on the trunk of an adult plant under favorable conditions. Babies take root for a very long time - up to 1 year.

SIZE: Height - 50 cm, diameter of the pot - 30 cm.




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