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  • Product Hibiscus
Product Hibiscus
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    Hibiscus(1 pt.).

This flower has many fans. Hibiscus grows both in the open field and in our apartments, since it is not very moody and with minimal care it readily blooms, and when it does not bloom, it also looks quite attractive.

TEMPERATURE: The temperature is moderate, without sharp fluctuations, in winter it is not lower than +12 degrees. When the temperature drops, watering should be reduced.

LIGHTING: The plant is light-requiring. If it is placed in an insufficiently lit place, it will bloom weakly or will not bloom at all. It is best to keep it on a sunny windowsill, but shade the pot from the midday sun.

WATERING: Abundant watering during the period of active growth and moderate watering in winter, but the earthen lump should not completely dry out.

AIR HUMIDITY: Chinese rose (hibiscus) also responds well to leaf spraying, especially if the air in the room is too dry and warm.

TRANSFER: Up to 5-6 years of age for a plant, a transplant is necessary every year, and adult plants are transplanted every 3-4 years, when the roots will encircle the entire earthen lump. REPRODUCTION: Hibiscus propagates easily by cuttings. There should be 2-3 leaves on the handle. Cuttings are planted in containers, covered with glass jars. Also, hibiscus cuttings give roots in a jar of water, from where they can then be planted in the ground.

SIZE: Height - 35 cm, diameter of the pot - 12 cm.


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