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Proteus - an Exotic Flower from Africa

Proteus is yet another unusual discovery, for which we should thank the brave seekers of innovations and wonders in the field of floristry. This exotic flower was born in South Africa and had not been a frequent guest in our country. However, florists have noticed it and now use it in their compositions more and more often.

Different types of proteus

Of all the species of this plant artichoke Proteus became the most famous. It is a national symbol of South Africa. In addition, its large flower with large inflorescences, reaching 30 cm in diameter and bright petals can be seen at festivals in Europe and the United States.

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However, there are about 400 other species of proteas in the world. Some of them look like the bright sea hedgehogs, others - the strange fruit, the third - the unusual stars. Whichever one you choose, rest assured, this flower will certainly surprise and impress your loved ones.

By the way, even the flowers of one species differ in appearance, shape and size of the inflorescence. So it's safe to say that no two snowflakes are the same, and you will not find two exactly the same flowers.

Proteus, or a pot of honey?

To emphasize the diversity of forms and colors of this flower, the famous scientist classifier Linnaeus named it after the ancient Greek sea god Proteus, who had the ability to change its appearance. According to mythology, to decent people he was appearing in the form of water, and to bad people in a form of a terrible monster.

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Sometimes this flower is called the "honey pot". And this is no accident. African honey birds pollinate it, so you can always find the sweet nectar. Incidentally, it is not only tasty, but also useful. Africans has long used it to treat coughs.

Cultivation of Proteus? Challenge accepted!

Growing Proteus at home or at the office is not an easy job. Not everyone will be able to tame this exotic plant. It is used to the arid climate of his homeland, and does not tolerate our winters. Keep it on the sunny side, and on cloudy and cold days under lighting lamps. Proteus is fit for keeping in the moisture for a long time in its stalk or in a cup, so it should not be watered often.

Proteus: flowers and dried flowers

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Those who will be able to grow this African beauty awaits a worthy reward - they will be able to enjoy it for very long flowering. Even cut off Proteus will be up to three weeks, certainly if it is kept in warm temperatures. Moreover, it is perfectly preserved after drying. This flower is perfect for creating dry compositions and paintings, collages.

Protea in flower compositions

This large, bright flower looks solemn and pompous, so complement it with greens - and you get a full bouquet.

It also fits perfectly in various floral arrangements. However, there should be the leader of Proteus, and other flowers, whether it is tender hydrangea, lush peony or Her Majesty rose to become a supplement to it.

Proteus - our exotic visitor from Africa - will be a bright decoration of any holiday and a great gift to the person you want to impress. Proteus is another alternative to conventional floral arrangements.

Last updated: 2015-06-26
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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