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7 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It is impossible to imagine colorful autumn without bright and fragrant pumpkins! Due to its rather big size, duration of storage and beautiful appearance pumpkin is popular not only in cooking but also in interior decoration. This bright autumn fruit can effortlessly quickly turn into an original decoration for the home and office. Moreover, in some weeks we will have Halloween! Decorated pumpkin will give a special flair to any room. More about pumpkin decorating ideas you will learn from this article.

Pumpkin decor
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Pumpkin - the most ancient fruit of America

The homeland of bright fruit considered being Mexico and they introduced it into culture for 5000 years BC. But archaeologists argue that the pumpkin was common in Peru before they began to grow corn. This was confirmed during excavations Peruvian tombs, where they found the remains of seeds and peel vegetables. Indians valued pumpkin fruits in weight of gold: they were actively used in the food, from the seeds was made useful oil, and it was often used as a bowl thanks to its solid crust. The first pumpkin seeds were taken to Europe thanks to Columbus, after the discovery of America in the mid-16th century.

Pumpkin decoration ideas
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Unusual decorative pumpkins: 7 Simple Ways

Pumpkin has always been considered being a symbol of the fall season. And it is also an excellent material for creative work. You just need to have little inspiration and imagination - and then a simple fruit will turn into a special and memorable element of the decor.

How to decorate pumpkins
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1. Lovely candlesticks from small pumpkins

Who said that the candlesticks should be of glass? Small pumpkin will perfectly cope with this task. Just imagine what the smell will be of the fruit from heating it with candle! It is very easy to do this beauty, and it will serve you for a long time.

Pumpkin decor candlesticks
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2. Gleaming pumpkin

For those who love all shining and brilliant, that pumpkin decorating idea is the most successful! You just need to take the glue, glitter and brush. Such pumpkins look great!

Gleaming pumpkin decor
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3. Funny owl of pumpkins

Needlework is possible even with the kids! In addition, these cute owls can serve as a wonderful decoration both nursery and garden. You should only use fantasy, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, glue and stationary knife.

Decorated pumpkins owl
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4. Pumpkin with beautiful initials or phrase

The main entrance of the house can be decorated with a shiny bright pumpkin with inscription "Welcome" or calligraphically draw the initials of the family's members.

Pumpkin decoration
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5. Pumpkin for seating guests

On any celebration we use some beautiful thing as a guide for the seating arrangement of guests at the table. In the autumn this "beautiful thing" may be small pumpkins, which you can decorate with variety of ways.

Decorated pumpkins for guests
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6. Pumpkin with original designs

It looks quite unusual, is not it? The greatest advantage of such a beautiful decor is accessibility. You can find brush in every home, and paint of the desired color can buy in any art store. Quite a bit of time - and original interior decoration is guaranteed!

decorative pumpkins
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7. A beautiful vase of autumn colors with pumpkin

Beautiful chrysanthemums and lush asters deserve such an interesting vase! Simply select the desired volume, and then cut all pumpkin pulp and remove the seeds with a knife. Succulents in pumpkin also look very beautiful.

Decorate pumpkins
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Last updated: 2021-08-17
Section: Articles
Author: Vitalina Mellertakh
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