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Garden on the roof: paradise for the urban dweller

A roof garden is one of the most popular destinations in modern construction. Its uniqueness is that green roofs can be not only in villages, but also in big cities. Modern metropolises are increasingly remove nature into the background, preferring to build highways or buildings instead the Parks. But now fans of green plants have the great opportunity to enjoy nature in big cities not even leaving the home!

Beautiful rooftop gardens
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5 reasons for the popularity of green roofs:

1. The appearance of greenery in the concrete of the city improves the ecological status. A roof garden on a quarter cleans the air of dust and harmful substances.

2. The roof, which is covered with greenery, will last much longer than usual, because plants and soil are reliable defenders from rainfall and other external influences.

3. The green roof provides additional protection from noise, and retains more heat in the house. And in summer the plants will bring freshness.

4. A roof garden is a wonderful place to rest for your family.

5. Besides, it's always beautiful!

Roof garden
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The rooftop garden at home is not only a lot of advantages, for example, support the environment in your town, but also a great place to have a rest. There is only one disadvantage – it’s hard to create such beauty yourself, so you need to find landscape designers that will help you to implement any idea!

Ideas for roof gardens
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What’s the first step?

The easiest way of gardening roof is to decorate the terrace as green corner, placing the pots with different plants. But if you want more, you'll need a lot of patience and effort. It’s necessary to have special system with its own water cycle under the green grass. And of course such a roof must perform the basic functions of the roof of the building.

Basically, to properly work, you need to spread the work on greening the roof between construction and landscape companies. The first deals with a complex roof system and the second takes responsibility for decorating.

Rooftop gardens
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The design of the garden

If you plan to spend time in the garden on the roof actively, you should take care of the tracks and a spacious lawn where you can place furniture or a grill. You can choose the style based on your preferences and tastes. It’s can be hi-tech or classic version with a touch of French. If you want to create modern design it is best to plant succulents, ornamental palm trees or conifers – it looks great with a variety of stone sculptures and straight lines, which are characteristic of art Nouveau. In addition, the lawn can be decorated with white pebbles or sand to create a contrast with the foliage of plants.

Rooftop gardens foto
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For creation the classic style garden would fit different vines and flowers of different colors. Small fountain will be very suitable for such garden, because it will create a calm and romantic atmosphere. In addition, you can decorate your roof garden with perfect furniture and large decorative pillows.

Ideas for rooftop garden
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A roof garden is good idea for your health and the environment in whole, as well as it’s a great excuse to have perfect time with your family.

Last updated: 2015-07-21
Section: Articles
Author: Vitalina Mellertakh
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