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Valentine's day gifts

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Following the main winter holidays - Christmas and New Year – comes one more bright and joyful event for all lovers - Valentine's Day. This holiday is celebrated annually on February 14 and, despite the fact that it came to us from the West, loved by many and caught on in our country. On this day, lovers congratulate each other and express their romantic feelings. Some people prefer to congratulate parents, friends, children - all of whom we love and want to remind them about it.

A characteristic feature of the celebration of Valentine's Day is a tradition of exchanging gifts symbolising love. Girls are often presented with flowers and plush toys, postcards are sent to friends in a heart shape with the wishes of love and happiness. Gifts for February 14 may be classic, suitable for any occasion: bouquets for women and for men - elite alcohol, prepared an original way sharing photos, sweets, gift certificates.

Valentine day gift for girlfriend

  • flowers. More often than not, people choose red or scarlet composition symbolising love and passion. The most popular win-win solution is a bouquet of 101 roses. Such a gift will not leave indifferent any girl and is one of the best declarations of love. A good idea would also be to present a flower toy. Our florists offer a variety of options for the implementation of any of seasonal flowers: hedgehogs, elephants, bears and even floral cake!
  • sweets. Addition to flowers in the form of a delicious cake or a box of chocolates makes a perfect surprise. And if you like to give unique gifts on February 14 - present a box of cookies with notes, predictions within a set of bright or cupcakes or block of gum Love is ...! Go to the "gift" section on our website and just seek out the unique and creative gift;
  • soft toys. Teddy Bears in different sizes and colours are classic and timeless cute gift. On our site there are also many other soft animals: seals, cubs, dogs, elephants - we will try to find whatever you want;
  • balloons. Inflated gel balloons in the shape of a heart or multicoloured glowing balls will be a perfect addition to your bouquet, according to your wishes;
  • postcards. Small greeting cards in the form of heart are the traditional gifts for Valentine's Day. Choose your favourite postcard and we'll put it in your suggestions, and if needed our manager will help you to formulate a nice greeting;
  • experiential gifts. There is no doubt that the emotions of such a present will be remembered. Give your loved one a certificate for a massage, a master class or a photo shoot. She can get this modern and timeless gift at any convenient time.

Valentine day gift for boyfriend

  • elite alcohol. Good whisky in a stylish package or brandy is considered to be a classic masculine gift that can be presented for any occasion. Such a surprise looks noble, and, therefore, surely will be loved by everybody;
  • gift baskets. A mix of exotic fruit or a set of products in the basket is a stylish gift for men. You can choose the part of your gift, guided by your own taste and preferences of the recipient. On our site, there are variants of gifts for different budgets and tastes;
  • the composition of fruit. Apart from the fact that the mix of fruits can be placed in a basket and brought to the recipient, the man will be a good gift fruit bouquet. To do this, cut into pieces of different forms of fresh fruits harvested in bright composition, reminiscent of the bouquet. Such a gift, even if it is not stored for a long time, is very tasty and healthy!
  • sweets. Beautiful cake with a wish or a box of candy-coloured handmade perfect gift for the man. You can also present cupcakes decorated on the theme of love or the same chewing gum "Love is" with funny wrappers inside;
  • experiential gifts. Men, as well as women, can receive a certificate for a massage or a photo shoot, or select a master class in boxing or billiards. Positive emotions of such a present will remain in memory for a long time.

On our site, there is a large selection of gifts for February 14, which we are happy to deliver to the cities around the world. At your request, we can find exclusive products that are not represented in the catalogue. Call us or write us online, we will coordinate your wishes and together we will find the best solution. Let your gift would be appropriate and desirable, and give your loved one warm and romantic emotions. Be always surrounded by love and happiness!

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