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Spring wedding: the best ideas

Spring is a perfect time to prepare the most beautiful wedding! Of course, all tastes are different, and everyone wants a various theme of one of the most important days in their life. In general, it is not necessary to choose themes for a spring wedding at all – the time of year speaks for itself. The freshness, the first delicate flowers, birds’ trills and bright green grass - all this is the main scenery of your wedding.

There are plenty of concepts for spring weddings. They can be bright, colorful, stylish, or gentle and calm as the first rays of the sun. But there are some trends that are loved and appreciated worldwide.

Rustic wedding

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Rustic style is quite popular today and has won the hearts of many loving couples. Wedding celebrations in this style are very warm and homely.

The word «rustic» in French means "village", and at the heart of the celebration lies the simplicity, the predominance of natural colors and natural decor elements:

  • wood, natural fabrics, hay fit perfectly into the décor of rustic composition;
  • of course, no rustic wedding comes without such an element as sackcloth. This coarse beige fabric looks unattractive at first glance, but it can brighten almost any item, whether it is the bride's bouquet, the ceremonial arch, invitations, furniture or even cake!
  • central floral arrangements can also be made using natural materials: wood cuts, small sticks in wooden boxes and drawers, birch bark. All this elements reflect the style of the rustic wedding.

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In order to complete the feeling of comfort and warmth you can add delicious homemade compliments for guests such as jam, honey or little cupcakes.

Wedding in the style of Provence

Provence style was created due to the inspiration of the life on the French south, olive groves and the azure sea, so its undeniable attributes are gentle peaceful colors, an abundance of textiles, colors and vintage accessories.

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Newlyweds should dress casually, but at the same time elegant, in French style. Emphasis in dressing must be on lavender color, or a sprig of lavender in a bouquet or boutonniere of the groom. Be sure to use wicker items (baskets, chairs), aged wooden elements and natural linen with lace. Cheese, grapes and a real bakery have to be present In table decorations and tasty treats for the guests.

Boho - bohemian chic

Bohemian style, or boho, was firstly introduced in the 2000s and is still popular, although it goes back to a distant France of XV century. Shortly speaking, boho is a mixture of a wide variety of styles and cultures, and ethnic and vintage motifs are clearly traced in it. Of course, modern fashion has made its amendments, and nowadays this style has yet another direction - active position in relations with the surrounding world. Therefore boho is now associated with natural elements, colorful ethnic motifs, bright fabrics and lots of details.

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This style allows your imagination to run wild, because it is possible to combine incompatible in it. So get ready to dig into your grandmother's trunk, or go through the mezzanine:

  • do not be afraid to combine all varieties of shades, deep colors and palettes. There is no excessive coarseness in boho style;
  • bohemian wedding has to be held not under the roof, but outside. Arrange a celebration picnic, scatter cushions and seat guests on them as an option;
  • remember that boho is primarily easy-minded and relaxed, starting with the bridesmaid dresses and ending with a festive table decoration. Therefore, the whole entourage should be slightly careless, as if hardly complete.

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Spring is a time of new life, and therefore the best time to create a new family. Be inspired by the first warm rays of the sun, birds’ singing, and create a bright green light holiday of love!

Last updated: 2015-04-08
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasiya Shmygina
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