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Tree stump gardens

Art of making tree stump gardens in Europe is just beginning to acquire their fans, while in the west garden decor using stumps is an actual trend for several seasons. All arrangement of roots and  branches of the trees have already become an ornament to any garden.

Nowadays in many public parks we can find bizarre statues from snags, dried twigs and roots, which successfully complement the overall composition of the landscape. One of the striking elements of the decor is old stump. A flower bed or a real luxury mini-garden can be made of it.

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Stump in the garden: how to start

At the very beginning you should decide what kind of stump is ideal for home stump garden? It is best to take a medium-sized tree stump uprooted along with the roots. Before planting, give it a few days to dry in the sun, so that moisture can not affect the flowering plants. For more protection, you can paint your «flower bed» of any color or transparent alkyd varnish.

As for location, it is based on the type of flowers. Depending on the desired lighting, stump in the garden can be located at the entrance and at the center of the landscape composition.

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How to decorate a tree stump with your own hands: simple advice

1. To begin with - treat basis: steam out with boiling water, dry and clean from the dust, cover with special structures for wood. In this case, the composition will serve for decades, and will look more expressive. In its raw form the stumps will please you no more than 7 years.

2. You can land low plants in the body of stump, having surrounded this flower bed by beautiful perennial with tall stems that will create a feeling of light blooming beautiful island, drowning in colorful clouds.

3. Release the stump from the core, carefully remove it with a chisel and hammer. If snag rather big and not completely rotten, drill small holes around the perimeter of the cut, and then just remove the timber.

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4. Polish the wall and the edge of such «pot» with help of coarse sandpaper.

5. The inner side of the stump needs to be varnished to avoid rotting wood.

6. The bottom layer must have drainage (beaten brick, expanded clay, gravel), and the upper - depending on the type of plant.

7. The final composition can be decorated with small toys or decorative elements.

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What are the best flowers to decorate a tree stump in the garden?

All the flowers will look great in the beautiful wooden «pot»:

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If you want to create a small garden from a low stump, it will look very elegant with crassula, succulents, ornamental species of saxifrage and other shale flowers.

Invent your own ways of how to decorate a tree stump in the garden, create incredible landscape masterpieces and let your plot will really look like a paradise!

Last updated: 2015-07-08
Section: Articles
Author: Katia Lehka
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