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Astrology flowers and ideas

Do you know that each astrological sign has his specific kind of flowers that match only him ? Yes, it is really true, because both flowers and astrological signs reflect our personal styles and peculiarities. So, if you have the problems with choosing the right kind of flowers as a gift just “ask the starts”. Here are some astrology flower ideas for you.Flower ideas and astrology. Zodiac flowers.

Those that belong to the Aquarians are very dynamic and independent people with high level of individuality. They also can be rebellious and standoffish. The perfect flowers for them are the bouquets of orchids, birds of paradise, gladiolus and iris. The representatives of Pisces are romantic, emotional and sensitive people. Having fish as a symbol they also like flowers that grow around the water, for example bamboo and daffodils. Classical roses are also another great idea for making your Pisces feel happy and pleasantly surprised. Aries are known as energetic and confident people. That is why the perfect flower’s ideas for them are tiger lily flowers and roses. If you want to give flowers as a birthday gift you should choose daises that will reflect the contagious enthusiasm Aries generate.

Taurus’ sign people are very reliable, sensuous, and ambitious. Lilies are really good flowers for this kind of people. If you want to please your Taurus and show your great love send her a vibrant bouquet of Stargazer lilies, which make her feel the only one for you. People of Gemini sign are witty, cunning and very lively and communicative. People of this sign like lavender, chrysanthemums and of course do not forget about roses. The color of flowers should be red. Being very alike to their symbolic crabs cancers tend to be hard outside and soft inside. The sensitivity of crabs can be touched with white lilies or white irises. The bouquet of white roses will help you to make a real statement.

Leos signs are passionate, bold and beautiful at the same time. The best flower for them can be gladiolus of different colors, such as red, purple and even white. Virgos are associated with purity and service. Striking blue flowers will bring bring a pleasant surprise for your Virgo. Asters will show them all your love and daintiness. Libras is the sign of intelligent, pleasant, and charming people. The best astrology flowers for them is the tulip, especially if it will be in red color. People of Scorpio sign are powerful and passion. When choosing flowers for them remember about buying gardenias and Sumatra lilies in red color. Sagittarius are often associated with travel and expansion. That is why the best flower choice for them will be the a bouquet of carnations or chrysanthemum. You can also choose lavender roses to show your romance and love. Capricorns have a witty sense of humor and and ambitious and stable soul. The ideal gift for your Capricorn will be the poinsettia of red, orange and blue shades.

Last updated: 2018-07-31
Section: Articles
Author: UA-Flowers.com
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