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How to grow a pineapple on the windowsill

Pineapple is a unique plant in many ways. Its fruits contain many vitamins and biologically active substances that reduce blood viscosity and have beneficial effect on the intestines. Growing a pineapple at home is not difficult, because it isn’t picky at care. Pineapple are able to take its rightful place among other indoor plants, standing out with its exotic appearance and giving juicy fruit straight from the window sill!

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How to grow pineapple at home?

It is best to carry out this procedure in late spring or early summer. First of all, it is necessary to carefully select planting material. Make sure that the fruit leaves are suitable saturated green are not affected by any disease, and the peel has a dense brown with a golden hue. From pineapple should proceed pleasant characteristic odor; if there is the slightest hint that is not fresh pineapple - put it aside and look for another.

After the fruit is selected, you should prepare the green tip. Grasp it with your hand and slowly turn all the leaves like you open a bottle – tail should be effortlessly separated from the body. You can help yourself with a knife and cut off the top part of the pineapple. It is also necessary to cut some of the lower leaves to expose the trunk. Separated crown should be left for a few days for drying.

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Then place the tip in a glass, fully covering the barrel with water, and leave for a couple of weeks. Periodically replace the water, and when small roots reach a length of several centimeters, you can prepare a pot for transplanting. The substrate is perfect common ground for indoor plants. And you can make a mixture of soil, peat and sand, it will increase the opportunity to take roots. Pot size does not play a big role, but in order water not to swamp the soil, it is necessary to have a good drainage. Young pineapple should be watered regularly in order to prevent rotting of the plant.

When new leaves will appear on young pineapples, you can stop worrying. The plant is stuck. Older leaves will gradually die out, and they should be neatly trimmed in order to give place for new greens. This pineapple should be watered no more than once a week, but quite abundant. Also be sure to put the plant in the sun. The optimum temperature for the pineapple is 23-27 degrees, preventing overcooling and drafts. In winter, it is better to keep the plant on the south side to provide maximum sun exposure. Pineapple can be fed half dose of fertilizer, and only in the summer, no more than twice a month, when it is actively growing.

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The first flowers appear after 2-3 years. The bud is formed on top of the plant, and lifted up the growing stalk. Flowers of bright blue color will be pleasing the eye for two weeks, after which begins the development of the fetus. Depending on the variety of pineapple, 4-6 months later, the fruit can be eaten. Then begins the destruction of pineapple, for a long time the plant gradually fade and produces a large number of shoots. These shoots are used to grow new pineapple.

Using this simple scheme, you will be able to contain an exotic plant known as pineapple, and enjoy the amazing taste of its fruit, pleasing family members and friends.

Last updated: 2015-06-22
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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