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❀ Flower delivery to Yerevan

I want to make delivery to Yerevan, Armenia.
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Reviews from our clients
  • Kateryna
    Date of review: 2024-05-15
    Delivery to:
    Good job! My mom is so happy with the flowers! Thanks a lot!
  • Fredrick Nelsson
    Date of review: 2024-05-06
    Delivery to:
    I've always liked UFL, thanks!
  • Peter
    Date of review: 2024-05-06
    Delivery to:
    Absolutely satisfied with the flowers! The bouquet was stunning and brought so much joy to the recipient. Thank you for the excellent service!
  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2023-05-12
    Delivery to: Kiev
    I've ordered delivery 2nd time. Very pleased with the service. Thank you very much for your work! Very easy to make order, online consultant replies immediately.
  • Oksana
    our client (with UFL from 2022-11-13)
    Date of review: 2022-11-14
    Delivery to: Kiev - Local district
    The order was delivered on time. Service was efficient. Thank you very much for your job especially nowadays.
    Manager response:  Oksana, thank you very much for your review. We will be glad to serve you again

Reliable delivery of flowers in Yerevan

Making flower gifts is a beautiful tradition. It helps to keep and maintain warm relations. The country where such traditions are very strong is Armenia. If you send flowers to your relative’s or family friend’s anniversary or wedding jubilee to Yerevan your gift is sure to please them. Moreover, your hospitable friends from Yerevan are likely to invite you to visit their blessed land! Don’t even think of refusing because this place is really worth seeing!


Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia. It was founded in 782 BC. Plenty of ancient cultural and architectural landmarks have remained intact in the Ararat valley. One of the oldest ones is the fortress of Erebuni. By the way, according to one of the hypotheses the name of Yerevan was formed from the name of the fortress.

Armenians think of their country and capital with warmth and awe. And they recognize Mount Ararat as the most important sight. The fact that today the mountain officially belongs to Turkey is very painful for every inhabitant of Armenia. or them it is still a historically Armenian land. And every Armenian will tell you that the best view of Mount Ararat is from Yerevan!

If you find yourself in this city you will definitely be satisfied with the trip. It is very nice here:

  • an amazingly harmonious architecture — ancient and modern buildings harmonize with each other perfectly;
  • a soft and comfortable climate —neither winter nor summer will face you with "weather extremes";
  • as well as elsewhere in the East they cook very tasty and know how to serve delicious dishes their cuisine and will definitely offer wine or cognac to fit this tasty food;
  • and of course one cannot but mention the Armenian hospitality — if you ask for directions you will not only be shown the road but they will lead you the most convenient way at the same time describing the beautiful sights of the city and telling you the legends of it. They are very welcoming people.

While choosing places to walk, try not to miss The Cascade Complex. This beautiful place combines the stairway consisting of 5 levels, fountains and flower beds. It takes a lot of efforts to get to the highest point. But it is the very place you can view the most beautiful scene of Yerevan from — it is one of the best observation areas in the city.

The capital’s heart and center of attraction for tourists and local youth is Republic Square. Its zest is the Singing Fountains. It is really a fascinating spectacle. The show starts at 9 pm and it is held every day. You have to visit it for sure if you come to Yerevan!

Select the places of active cognac production as a separate item of your tourist program. There are two factories working here — Ararat and Ararat-Noah. And there are tours with sampling for tourists to the cellars where they can get familiar with the history of production of this sunny drink and appreciate the quality of the local cognac.

That is why it is not easy to surprise a true Armenian with a bottle of cognac. But if you want to present your friend or business partner from Yerevan with a nice gift we recommend you to make a beautiful and elegant gesture — to send a bouquet of flowers.UFL will help you to deliver it to the capital or any other city of Armenia.

Get in touch with our operator at +7 495 402 20 45, let him know the address, name and phone number of the receiver, what kind of flowers you would like to send and the text for the card enclosed in the bouquet. The gift will be delivered in 2 up to 12 hours after have you ordered and paid for the bouquet. We try to reduce the processing time, that is why a large number of your surprises get delivered at lightning speed!

If you desire to imprint the moment of getting the bouquet by the recipient we can make a photo-report. This way you can keep the thrilling moments for yourself and go back to them mentally again and again. Because sincere smiles and joy in the eyes the people who are dear to you are priceless!


UFL has been working in delivery of gifts and flowers for over 10 years. We are proud to assure our customers that:

  • the flowers ordered from us will be fresh and of good quality;
  • our experts are real professionals with a great wealth of knowledge and experience;
  • our prices are competitive, compare us with our colleagues and you will see it;
  • we will make a discount for your first and all your following purchases ;
  • we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please email or call us;
  • you can track the status of your order round-the-clock on our site;
  • we are open and honest with you, our main goal is to be most comfortable for you to make you come to us again and again!

When we look at Armenians who turn their eyes on Mount Ararat with admiration and pain we want to believe that once it will really become their territory. And it happens in our life that relatives live far away from each other and links get broken. But if you maintain warm relations your big family will always be strong and happy. You only have to make some efforts – to phone, to write letters and cards, to send flowers for the holiday.

UFL is always ready to support you in your wish to keep in touch with your family and friends!
Questions and answers

? How are flowers delivered to Yerevan?

Flowers are delivered to Yerevan by our professional team of couriers. You can order flowers online through our website, specifying the exact address of the recipient and the desired delivery time. We guarantee timely and safe delivery.

? Can I track my order?

Yes, after placing your order, you will receive a tracking number with which you can monitor the status of your order online.

? What types of payment do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, online payment systems, and bank transfer.

? Can I order flowers for a specific time?

Yes, you can specify the desired delivery time when placing an order. We will make every effort to deliver flowers at this time.

? Can I add a gift to my flower order?

Of course! On our website you can choose additional gifts such as chocolates, soft toys or fruit baskets to add to your order.

? What if the flowers I receive do not meet my expectations?

We strive to provide the highest quality of our flowers and services. If you are not satisfied with the delivered flowers, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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