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Articles about flowers

  • Freshness of Flowers
    Undoubtedly, we often ask how to choose the long-lived flowers. Certainly, while choosing any flowers one should pay attention to their freshness, but for people who failed to distinguish among flowers will not be able to choose them. It will be useful to consider a few of our advices. At first, a great deal depends on the sort of colors. For example, an orchid, inserted in a test tube with nourishing solution beforehand can stand the whole month
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  • Blue roses delivery
    Rose, as a cultivated plant, is known to man for thousands of years and during that time displayed a great number of varieties. Roses are so popular because of their flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. White, yellow, red, purple and even multi-colored, they are pleasing to the eye of the most demanding and discerning taste. But there is another one type of roses which may be called exotic and special. If somebody wants to make unusual present he or she will decide to order blue roses online
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  • Press-release of the flower service
    You are welcome on Ukrainian Internet-shop of the SendFlowers.ua flower delivery. Love from the first sight, trust from the first minute or you simply like flowers, want to present somebody with a really marvelous gift or arrange a decent family or corporate holiday, all this is possible with natural flowers. You may please your dear people who undoubtedly will keep in mind your care leading to favourable relationships. In modern rhythm of life there is often no place for any trifles
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  • Astrology flowers and ideas
    Do you know that each astrological sign has his specific kind of flowers that match only him ? Yes, it is really true, because both flowers and astrological signs reflect our personal styles and peculiarities. So, if you have the problems with choosing the right kind of flowers as a gift just “ask the starts”. Here are some astrology flower ideas for you. Those that belong to the Aquarians are very dynamic and independent people with high level of individuality. They also can be rebellious and standoffish
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  • Flower therapy
    Flower therapy was developed more than 70 years ago by English doctor Edward Bach, and attained quite wide publicity nowadays. Bach’s flower therapy is aimed for eliminating behavioral negativities- , for instance, with impatience, mercantilism, uncertainty, jealousy – and for restoring contacts with soul strengths of self-recovery. The major aim of flower therapy is spiritual harmonization, and at the same time mostly possible personality disclosure and stabilization. Indirectly it contributes to the development of the best resistance to mental disorder and sequential diseases. To buy the book about flower therapy here
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  • How to send flowers online
    Receiving fresh flowers is always a great and unforgettable gift for every person. If someone has already tried to order something online he or she remembers that it is very quickly, cheap and easy. There are a lot of online shops that represent their service in delivering different flowers. There is always given a wide variety for any choice. An exquisite online shops welcome everyone with the best of flower arrangements
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  • Blue roses planting
    Rose is a magnificent plant, a truly beautiful queen of the garden, and many hundreds of years, growers have tried to make or find blue roses. As a result a hard work has been done and the number of high-quality roses are grown today. But, unfortunately, true blue roses is only a dream and they don’t exist in nature. This is due to the fact that Rose did not initially have the gene responsible for production of blue pigment. And the fact of growing blue roses is impossible in principle - that is the law of nature
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  • Flowers on your wedding
      Wedding is a welcome holiday, never to be forgotten! triumph which will not drop off! Many girls wait for this moment with impatience are anxious about this holiday.. Here is she wonderful, beautiful and charming fiance in white wedding dress with a chic bouquet seats herself in luxurious, decorated with flowers and balls limousine. Such a beautiful scene, isn’t it?   Any wedding, definitely, can be named the holiday of flowers, matched to bouquet – that’s of fiance. It is the main, traditional and necessary helpmeet on bride’s way to an altar
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  • The history of roses
    It is known that roses were grown in many of the early civilizations that were located in the temperate latitudes from 5000 years ago at least. They seem to have been raised in ancient Babylon. As it is known from the records, roses have been grown in Greek and Chinese gardens from 500 B.C. at least
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  • Advice on selecting flowers
    What does the first occur, when it is necessary to make a pleasant gift? An answer is simple – to present flowers. Flowers, undoubtedly, are not only the best gift but also wonderful addition to any Your present. I think, nobody will remain indifferent to beauty of flowers, they are able to raise your spirits and make you happy. The most important thing is that flowers as a gift is the right choice. They can be presented not only to the women but also to men
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  • When to send flowers for special someone
    Let's imagine that you met a beautiful girl. Well now you have to make a good impression. You need to impress her to continue your communication. And right now is a great time for flowers. And here is the question: "When to send flowers?" On the top of the list "Good time for some flowers" are birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Valentine’s Day (what would we do without it?)
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  • Holiday of flowers in your house and office
    Holiday of flowers in your house and office Flowers play an important role in creation of favorable interior of Your house or office. It is always pleasant to look at green islands on  Your walls and windows. Flowers can improve your mood and make your house happy. It is not simply enough a creative approach to produce the original decoration, one should take into account a lot of factors, such as light, humidity, temperature.   An excellent flower composition can always refresh the interior of Your house and office, make it truly original and unique not only in festive days but also in ordinary week-days
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