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Articles about flowers

  • What Flowers Are Mostly Used in Bouquets
    Nowadays buying flowers is no problem. There are street floral shops literally on every few steps. Counters are full of a wide variety of bouquets from traditional to incredibly bright and lush. It would seem like a perfect opportunity to choose whatever you want. But, unfortunately, it is not
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  • Flowers in Our Dreams

    What means if you saw a flower this night? And, maybe, you even walked through the huge blossoming field? We will try to understand riddles of our subconsciousness and to define what the dreamed flowerswant to tell us.

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  • Bouquet of Tulips: Legends and Meaning
    Perhaps there is no other flower that has the same number of species as tulip. Botanists distinguish more than 110 species of tulips, including exquisite lily-flowering tulips and proud Triumph tulips, fringed and unusual parrot hybrids, lush terry and little Darwin hybrids. Bouquet of tulips, thanks to their incredible variety of shapes and colors, can look like a magnificent bed of various flowers. The first record about tulips appeared in the XI century, in Persia (modern Iran). The poet Hafiz sang about a virgin charm of a tulip to which even roses couldn't be compared
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  • Amazing Flowers That Do Not Exist in Nature
    Despite the fact that flowers are unique and perfect creations of nature, man has always been working hard to make them even more special. Breeders and geneticists work in laboratories for years just to understand how to get around the laws of universe and realize what seemed to be impossible before — to create flowers that do not exist in nature. The ability to create black flowers always attracted gardeners. However, this task proved too hard for two main reasons: pure black color does not exist in nature. The human eye does not detect the difference, but the color that we perceive as black usually is just a rich, deep shade of other colors such as brown, blue or red; flowers with very dark petals cannot live long because the sun rays simply burn them
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  • The Most Beautiful Gardens of the World
    Our world is beautiful and amazing! Even the most experienced travelers — those who have seen many countries and cities — can always find here some new exciting spots. The nature creates its miracles, and the man helps it as much as he can by concentrating the most wonderful things in one place. Can you guess what we are talking about? Of course, these are botanical gardens and parks! Today we’ll tell you about some of the most famous places of the kind. Las Pozas: Lost in the Jungle The very special garden called Las Pozas is hidden in the jungles of Mexico. Walking around it, you’ll keep thinking of the abandoned cities where nature every day corrects what was made by man, giving the stairs, window frames and walls completely fantastic new looks
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  • 10 Myths About Men's Bouquets
    Myth #1: Men Do Not Like Flowers Well, yes, of course, if you're a boy, guy or man, then you should not admire the beauty of nature and its creatures.You must be the defender, warrior. You need to know everything about technologies, cars, tanks and planes. But is it fair? All people are different, and many men become biologists, agronomists and even florists. Maybe this happens because men can love flowers, too? Myth #2: Man with Bouquet of Flowers Looks Ridiculous This statement is hard to accept
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  • 10 Simple Tricks to Preserve Freshness of Your Bouquet of Flowers
    You received a beautiful bouquet. It is so nice! Flowers delight your eyes and bring a sense of holiday to ordinary life. What can you do to make this feeling last as long as possible? First, let's help the bouquet do not droop the next day. Below we collected 10 simple tricks to maintain the freshness of your flowers. About Flowers 1
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  • Wedding Bouquets of Celebrities

    In this article you will learn about the most beautiful wedding bouquets of celebrities all over the world!

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  • How to Make a Bouquet with Your Own Hands

    Creating a bouquet of flowers is quite easy. You can start with a simple composition and discover that you are a talented florist. Here are some simple steps.

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  • Moldova. Notes of an Experienced Wanderer
    Moldova. Notes of an Experienced Wanderer

    We invite you to join us to visit the wonderful Moldova, a country that combines the grandeur and richness of nature, the beauty of man-made monuments, kindness and hard work of local residents, as well as much more.

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  • Ukraine Above All: Why We Can Be Proud of Our Homeland
    We are still humble of own achievements but we start feeling proud because the world starts to recognize us thanks to our victories in sports and music competitions. At the expense of our lives we learned to defend our dignity and protect our land. However, we still need to learn to appreciate what we have. Rich heritage Today we have to realize — and some of us to come to terms with the fact — that we are a Great Nation. We are a relatively young state, but at the same time we have rich cultural heritage, and we generously share it with the world
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  • Replacements
    Each order, which is passed in operation, is handled with maximum care and delivered on time to our customers have always been satisfied with its performance. 1. Replacement of the goods and their components In some specific cases, the company reserves the right to substitute some of the goods or their components. Such a policy is conditioned by the fact that some of the bouquets are made with seasonal or fairly rare flowers. The florists of the company may offer you a replacement that is equivalent in value and color to keep the shape and colors of the bouquet if there is the absence of a specific flower
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