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How to make bouquet of vegetables and fruits by own hands?

Nowadays modern people all around the world want and able to surprise their dear and near. There is a variety of original and creative gifts you can delight with even the most sophisticated receivers. Among the most popular of them, such as parachute jumps, Thai massage season tickets, dance master classes, flowers take their own special place. A time when attractive, adorable and fragrant bouquets become something trivial, is the time to start being original. There is nothing better than vegetable bouquets to surprise a sophisticated person with.

A combination of beets and tomatoes is a good choice not only for cooking borsch, and potatoes, carrots, and onions — for soup. You’ll wonder how much you can do with strawberries, apples, and kiwi. Bouquets of vegetables are another particular type of gift, nice and pertinent for taking its place on any celebration. 

Vegetable bouquet made by your own hands
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Vegetable bouquet made by your own hands
It's not necessary for you to get a floristic certificate to make the bouquet. All you need is your fantasy and a bit of patience. We’ve got some recommendations for you that will make a process of the bouquet creation easier and interesting for you.

The first recommendation for you is to use only solid vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, cucumber, radish. You also could use the vegetables you got at home. You’ll also need a ribbon, skewers, some rope and wrapping pepper.

Start with stabbing vegetables with skewers. If you’re going to use some large size vegetables, such as corn, eggplant or chili, then using skewers isn’t necessary. When the process of the stabbing is over, decorate those spaces where the vegetables have been stabbed with ribbons you’ve prepared. Your next stage is composing a bouquet. There are no strict rules about it, only a piece of advice: make the bouquet according to the receiver’s preferences.

One of the most popular vegetable bouquet shapes is a spiral. You can use one of the vegetables you’ve prepared to make a center of the composition. After that, you should attach the others around it in a spiral form. It’s also recommended to use green elements like salad, arugula, parsley, dill or spinach to make the bouquet look lush and even more expressive.

After you’ve composed all the items together, it’s time to wrap your bouquet up. You may use a plain or painted wrapping paper, parchment, a kraft paper, cellophane, and even foil! By the end, use the painted ribbon or a rope to pull it all together and decorate the bouquet. Done! The masterpiece is ready!
Bouquets of vegetables and fruits
Fruits are also pertinent stuff for making a bouquet. You can be sure the bunch will be looking remarkable when it’s composed of pineapple, mango, bananas, kiwi, pita, and other tropical fruits. Using the usual apples, tangerines, pears are also good for that purpose. Technically, there are no differences between making a vegetable bouquet and the fruit one. Also, you can combine those. Bouquets of vegetables and fruits are universal gifts. That means you could make one, and it will be an equally fabulous gift for both men and women. These bouquets have many advantages. First of all, it’s original. We could make a bet your woman haven’t received such bouquets before. It won’t dry out and you don’t need to water it. Besides, only these types of bouquets can be eaten!
Fruit and vegetable bouquets: additions
You could use a lot of different stuff in addition to the bouquets. Do you want to make an unforgettable Birthday gift? Just add some cupcakes with candles! Did you know people around the world make Easter bouquets using Easter cakes and painted eggs? You also can find cones, Christmas toys, candles, even spruce branches in Christmas bouquet compositions throughout the world.

Flowers, cotton, artichoke, eucalyptus, and oasis are all nice additions to fruit-vegetable bouquets. You may compose your own bouquet due to the variety of choices. It’s pretty useful when you know the receiver’s references. Besides, be sure she will be especially appreciating the bouquet made with your hands.  

Last updated: 2021-08-12
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Author: UA-Flowers.com
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