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Flowers and The Guy Beards: new male style

Nowadays beards are habitual element of male style. Five years ago a man with beard was unusual and catchy, but now guys need to be more creative to be high-profile. Have you ever seen guys with colored or styled beards on the streets of your native town?

These men do more on this way. They are famous as The Guy Beards on Instagram. And you should see what they are doing with their beards!

Colorful beards
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Who are you, The Guy Beards?

Brian Delaurenti and Johnathan Dahl are 25-years best friends from Portland, USA. Brian is painter and Johnatan works as musician on their main job. So this is not surprising that these creative guys have made such unusual project.

Johnathan and Brian
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But the idea was born by accident. One day best friends got photo of their beards and shared it on Instagram. And they have understood that such photos can be interesting for authors and public.

Romantic guy looks
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Decorations on beards
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Floral Beards

 Guys decorate their beards buy any things you can image. But the most favorite decoration of these men is flowers. They can use different plants to make wonderful compositions on their beards.

Floral beards
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Men`s beards can be romantic and gently or bright and gamine with the flower decoration. It is important to be bold and to do art.

Flowers for male style
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Beards with flowers
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Everything you can image

Johnathan and Brian like to use glitters, paints, fruits and sweets besides flowers. Look at these amazing photos! Male style can be really unborring. 

Decorated beards
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Also friends like to create themed images with decorated beards. As example, Star Wars cosplay. 

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Inspiration for you

Of course this is not brainchild for everyday life, but you can use these ideas at another sphere. If you are looking for special idea for bridal bouquet try to use different materials like these guys do. Or image how fine is to have flowers in your hair on a party.

wedding ideas
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You can always order flower delivery at our site Ua-flowers.com and create your own art!

Last updated: 2018-08-14
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasia Chepurna
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