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Alternative bridal bouquets ideas

If you want to have something special for your wedding remember that you can experiment with your bridal bouquet. Combine flowers with unusual things or choose different materials to make your bouquet. We have collected more interesting ideas for bridal bouquets to inspire you.

We offer you to look at some original designer’s ideas as the alternative to classic floral bridal bouquets. For example, dried flowers in bouquets can be an interesting composition.  Textile and felt bouquets are easy to be chosen in your favorite tones. Paper composition can impress you too.

Gently textile, cordial felts…

Inspire yourself with original textile origami and decorated things. You can use textile with different prints to make more interesting compositions.

Textile flowers
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If you like gently pastel tones use hombre effect or combine textile with gently gipsophilas. And if you want to shine like a queen choose bright brooch with gems.alternative_ideas1
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Bouquets of felts and buttons become more and more popular. Look at summer felt compositions. Lace flowers and flowers of coarse texture will suit to your rustic wedding.

What is more сharming then buttons in little bouquets? We don`t know, but we know that knitted flowers are very cute.

Bouquets with buttons, knitted flowers and plumage
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If you want something special you should take our advice to use bouquet with leather roses. And what do you think about using elegant plumage fun?

Paper plane

Paper flowers are so funny. Do you imagine colorful paper bouquets in bride`s hands? Unusual little felt bouquet or unique flowers of breads can make impressing bridal look.

Paper bouquets: pages of book and money
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Paper pompons are always popular for weddings. Do you want to use them as the bridal bouquet?

Bouquets of paper and jewelry
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Inspiration is all around

Combination with flowers and plastic dinosaurs is very cool. You can use your favorite toys and figurines for your bridal bouquet! So like your jewelry and bijouterie.

Bouquets of toys
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What is your hobby? Maybe you want to decorate your bridal bouquet with cakes and sweets or musical records.

Bouquets of sweets and cakes
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Turn your winter wedding to a Christmas-styled wedding! You can use Christmas decorations, pinecones and green branches. As for summertime wedding, it is easy to take balloons. And there are so many ideas for autumn wedding too. 

Christmas bouquets
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No matter what you choose you can always add more flowers to your day. And we think that natural flower bouquets cannot be replaced in our life. Order flowers delivery at our site Ua-flowers.com and impress every moment of holiday! 

Last updated: 2018-08-20
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasia Chepurna
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