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March 8: Original Gift for Girlfriend

Spring gifts

Every day spring is getting closer. In this time of year a lot of people desperately want some new adventures. Very often in these ideas our friends accompany us, in fact they can break away and go somewhere for the weekend! Because, on the eve of the most gentle and spring holiday on March 8 we choose gifts not only for mothers and sisters, but also for girlfriends to tell them how important their presence is!

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Choosing a gift girlfriend is not so difficult. You have been with her a lot, that is why you know exactly what she wanted. Make her dream, become her fairy godmother and bring her happiness. If it turned out that she has everything, we offer several options that will please every woman!

Original bouquet for a friend

Of course, an integral part of a present is flowers. But it's not just a bunch of flowers on March 8 - it must be something special, something that will tell her how deep is your love. Of course, you can give beautiful roses and not "bother" about it, but you can make the flowers on March 8 for a girlfriend with your own hands.

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Today there is a variety of flowers that just will satisfy even the most refined and sophisticated nature:

  • bouquet of sweets;
  • fruity bouquet;
  • bouquet of underwear;
  • "Teddy bear" bouquet;
  • spring topiary, instead of flowers;
  • bouquet of satin ribbons;
  • toys from flowers;
  • bouquet of jewelry.

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As you see, it could be anything! The most important thing is your creativity and ingenuity, and, of course, attention. Does your friend have big sweet tooth? Then you just need a kilo or two of her favorite chocolates. Is she engaged in drawing? Then it is possible to present the original set of brushes and oil paints in the form of a bouquet. If you unfortunately do not know exactly what she wants to get, take notes, and give her a rose. You can even build a bunch of butterflies ... of paper! In the extreme case, if anything does not work, give her a composition from the buttons! This bouquet will long remind of your attention. Approach the subject with imagination, and then these flowers will definitely be unforgettable!

Gift for girlfriend with your own hands

You can certainly give her a win-win situation: a bottle of her favorite perfume or a good set of makeup. Is it possible to make this day unforgettable, and give her something totally exclusive. What is it? Let's see!

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  • coupons for your services (help for something to do or somewhere to go with it)
  • photo collage from your photos;
  • certificate for impressions (joint climbing, massage, floral, photo shoot);
  • paired pendants «Best friends»;
  • cake with predictions, wishes and sweets inside;
  • tickets for рук favorite band or artist;

Yes, this present is not quite serious. But, nevertheless, such a funny gift will always remind you of the good old days spent together, the impressions and the friendship that will remain with you forever! Spring is a time for madness and positive, why it cannot be expressed in gifts on March 8?

Last updated: 2015-02-25
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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