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​What the number of flowers in a bouquet means?

Did you know that not only a bouquet color palette, with its style, have a meaning, but a number of the flowers in a bouquet means either? Didn't you? That’s why this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for! So if you think that the most romantic gift is a bouquet of 101 red roses, be ready to get surprised! Besides, if any of such important holidays, as beloved’s Birthday, March 8th or Valentine’s Day, is coming soon, the article will be especially useful. You will also get the information about a number of flowers in a bouquet meaning, and become handy in using it.
How many flowers to give, and does the number of flowers in a bouquet means?
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  •  How often do we meet people walking by, or just standing somewhere, with one flower in hands? Almost every day!
  • They say if you want to show the true love, 1 flower is the best evidence of your feelings. Besides this fact, the number is a symbol of special attention. That’s the main reason why giving 1 rose, for example, on a first date, is a good idea.
  • The number 3 is a sign of respect. It there is people who deserve this special attitude, show them your respect with the UFL flower delivery service.
  • “5” is for action! Speaking about the language of flowers, five flowers is a way to say “I love you”! If it seems complicated for you to talk about your feelings, a bouquet of five roses and a box of “Raffaello” may become a great gift for your beloved person.
  • How many flowers is it worth to give in a Wedding Day? Not much who knows that 7 flowers are the best choice for such an occasion. Furthermore, a bouquet of seven flowers in the most frequently presented gift for dear ones’ Birthdays.
  • Do you want to reveal your particular friendly feelings or emphasize partner relationships? A bouquet of 9 flowers will make it even better than you can imagine!
  • 13 flowers in a bouquet, in spite of the perverse perceptions, have an oppositely meaning. A bouquet of thirteen flowers will become a gentle present for an anniversary or any another particular date.
  • A bouquet of 15 roses is a sign of deep and dedicated love.


Is the number of flowers in a bouquet a myth or a fact?
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Both numerology and astrology are worth to be criticized. But you better not focus on it. The number of flowers in a bouquet is not the most important thing. What more important — is deep love and true care you share with the most precious people in your life. Make a habit of giving flowers more and doing it without a particular reason, and you’ll start seeing joy and happiness in her eyes. Share the most important things with those who worst it more that the others!
Last updated: 2021-08-12
Section: Articles
Author: Игорь Фарфоровский
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