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Rest in Montenegro: all-inclusive!

Vacation time is already beckoning all the charms of the sweet holiday on the sea or in the mountains. Each of us has dreams of golden sand, beautiful nature and great freedom from the urban bustle.

As for the best country for a vacation, the choice is incredibly great. Turkey and Egypt offer its visitors more than 60 resort areas, but in a sun season they are very overpopulated! Hot sunny Spain and Italy are great places to not only soak up in the sea or the ocean, and walk around the historic sites. But accommodation and round-trip flight can get into a fairly decent amount.

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Most neighboring countries are optimal resorts for holydays, such as Hungary, Croatia or Montenegro. And the last one is even called Little Italy and in no way is inferior to Sardinia or the Maldives. If you don’t believe we offer you an overview of the best resorts and hotels in Montenegro.

Best vacation in Montenegro 2015: where to go

Sun Country offers clean Adriatic Sea, as well as the spacious sand and pebble beaches. As for nature, it is similar to Switzerland: crystal lakes, high mountain spiers and virgin forests.

Some general tips for choosing the resort:

  • beaches of Montenegro are mostly state-owned, but every year there are more guest houses, hotels and resorts with a higher level of comfort, belonging to private persons;
  • you should choose the southern part of the country for a vacation in Montenegro with children, as the north is dominated by mountainous terrain and you can’t swim everywhere;
  • half of the beach areas is fenced and only available for hotels or city guests for an additional charge;

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Budva Riviera is the center of beach life of Montenegro, as well as the sunniest place in Europe! This tourist oasis has all the possible options for a perfect relaxation: clubs and discos, bars and restaurants, casino, sports centers, tennis courts, marine leisure activities. Lovers of active life can fully enjoy the pleasant noise and bustle of the sea.

The best hotels in the resort of Budva: Akvamarin 4 *, Adriana Villa 3 *, Admiral Club 3 *.

Sveti Stefan is the most exclusive and unique resort in the country, which is in an island-hotel. Earlier, in the XVI century was the eponymous outpost of pirates in this place, but eventually fortress collapsed and today it is the most high-quality and luxurious vacation where privacy, nature and the sea are combined.

Today, in addition to the hotel, it is the official summer residence of the President of Montenegro.

The best hotels in Sveti Stefan: Aman Sveti Stefan 5 *, Azimut 4 *, Adrovic Small Hotel 3 *.

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Sutomore is a luxury resort town with large beaches, is considered one of the best in Montenegro. There are several hotels and a lot of private villas just a short walk from the sea. Finely pebble and sandy beaches are included in the official list of the best in the country. A small number of tourists, excellent infrastructure and remoteness from the hustle makes Sutomore an ideal option for a holiday with children in Montenegro.

The best hotels in the resort Sutomore: Izvor 4 *, Korali 3 *, Lekovic 3 *.

Here's it, Magic Montenegro, which is impossible not to fall in love at first sight! Now you do not need to go to the other end of the earth to quality rest - Montenegro has it all!

Last updated: 2015-06-15
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