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How to Make a Bouquet with Your Own Hands

Workshop for Beginners

Step 1. Select flowers, for example, roses. Pay special attention to the buds. Slightly squeeze the base of a bud with your thumb and forefinger. Fresh bud should be tight. It must be adorned by wrapping petals (those that are situated far outside). They are smaller than the others, have a greenish tint and jagged edges. Lower leaves on the stem should be fresh.

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Step 2. Prepare the flowers. Remove the wrapping petals. Clean 1/3 of the bottom of the stem off leaves. Cut the tip diagonally. When you make a bouquet of roses with your own hands, you should better use a sharp knife instead of scissors. This will help you keep the flowers fresh longer.

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Step 3. Form the composition. Do you want to make it lush? Choose the most beautiful, large and open buds. Place them in the center of the bouquet. To create the central part overlay the stems below the leaves on each other at a slight angle. Same way add the rest of the flowers. Make sure that the buds are situated at the same level. Draw the crossing of the stems in the finished bouquet tight with a loop of decorative ribbon. Tie the edges of the tape up and make a bow.

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Step 4. Pack the bouquet. You can wrap the flowers in a film, decorative mesh, sisal or fabric and adorn the construction with a ribbon. The bouquet is packed up to the point where all the stems of roses are tied by a tape. Since the armful of stems is lowered into the water, there should not be packaging materials there. If there are many high stem flowers in the bouquet it can be wrapped in coarse paper for transportation, but the package should be removed before the presentation. Remember: excesses of packaging material, tapes and accessories are no longer in vogue.

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Step 5. Supplements to flowers. You can add a cake, a fluffy toy or greeting card to your bouquet. Write a short greeting and your name on it. Postcard or business card may be accurately put in the middle of the bouquet.

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Bridal Bouquet

Likewise, you can make a bridal bouquet with your own hands. Small roses, probably of different colors, are the best variant for such a bouquet. The stems of the bridal bouquet should be fixed in an oasis — this will preserve its beauty for longer time. If you forgot to buy the oasis in pre-wedding fuss, be sure to spirally wrap the stems in a wide decorative ribbon. This is necessary to prevent soiling of hands and dress.

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We wish you good luck and inspiration!

Last updated: 2014-10-08
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Author: ua-flowers.com
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