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Glass decoration for all occasions

Nowadays, modern technologies can even make shatterproof types of glass that make it an ideal choice for a decoration or gifts. Use it safely because it has many aesthetic qualities. For example, it will help you to make the interior more spacious and lighter or impress your beloved ones.

Glass jars

If you have many empty jars on a loft, do not hustle to throw them out. There are many nontraditional ways to use glass pots in the form of decoration for inner space. It can be used for the creation of a vase. A correctly designed composition can become an excellent decor for windowsills, fireplaces or wedding centrepieces. If you wish to create a perfect design of your jar vase alone, do not forget to use additional materials textile, ribbons, varnish, paper or serviettes.

Glass bell jars

The glass is a very stylish minimalist material, which visually increases space. Nowadays it became popular to use bell jars to cover flowers at weddings and different parties. A sophisticated and original shape makes it also an interesting design object for any interior. It fulfils the taste of even the most demanding guests with originality and creativity.

Simple glass vases

Transparent vases mean that you can see each stem of the flower bouquet standing in it. In addition, they are practical, esthetic and inexpensive. The great variety of its forms and methods of creation opens endless possibilities for designers and those who want to add some accents to the house interior.


It would seem that empty glass bottles were done to be thrown out or given away for processing, but it's not like that. Use them as a flower vase to get a stylish element of decor. It's also possible to paint them in different colours, and decorate with tapes, laces or drawings.

Glass candle holders

Candles are the most romantic part of any holiday and the trend to put them all around is not going out of fashion. With their help, everyone can create an unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Use glass containers, especially low and wide, as beautiful candle holders. Do not be afraid that the wax will drip on the table or burn something. The glass is heat-resistant and reliable protection and, of course, it looks nice!

Sweets in glass vases

The candy bar is always a superb idea, no matter which occasion will be. Actually, this is a set of beautiful glass vases with lids or without them, which are usually filled with sweet surprises or fruits for guests to the party. In such compositions, it can also be used special stands for cakes, baklava, jellies, cupcakes or marzipans. As well as mini-bowls for small delights, nuts, dried or candied fruits.

Botanical terrariums

Geometric shapes are still on trend this season. The classic design of the curved glass makes botanical terrariums a timeless element of house decoration in eco-style. With one vase, you will get a striking effect and with the trio a full sculptural composition. In addition, everyone can make such an arrangement by his/her own or make an order on our website.

Bridal glass bouquets

If you want your wedding bouquet live forever, choose chic glass arrangement. It will help you to impress everyone with its original design and lightness. In addition, it won’t be heavy in your hands, because the material with the acrylic backing barely weighing more than traditional ones.

Original glass vases

The glass is a unique material that allows the artist implement any creative ideas. If you desire to change usual home decoration use glass vases in original shapes. Place them on the table, hng with a rope or wire over the table, near the chair or on a decorative arch, you will get perfect decor.
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Last updated: 2017-01-17
Section: Articles
Author: Rybak Alina
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