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Valentines Day: Choosing a Gift According to Psychologists

Not all popular gifts for this holiday psychologists consider to be successful. Choosing the presents for your beloved ones need to done competently, so as not to offend them or select something that will give not very good intentions. We collected the key recommendations on this subject.

Psychologists believe that the most suitable gifts for February 14 are:

Rings. Such a present will tell about your warm feelings and desires to connect your life with that person.

Perfume. Presented perfume will hint that you feel a lot of sympathy for the person. But be careful, if you do not know the preferences of your second half - such a gift should be forgotten.

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Soft toy or pillow in the shape of heart. It is a win-win gift, according to psychologists, which will talk about your romantic feelings and even a secret desire to have a child.

Items of clothing. This option is more suitable for couples who have a long relationship and know exactly the size and personal preference of the partner. But, there are also items of clothing that are sure to fit: belt, tie or scarf. Giving such gifts, women subconsciously want to bind this man to himself.

Experiential gifts. Such presents become increasingly popular in recent years. It is unnecessary to look for a place in the house, where to put another trinket and emotions remain long in the memory. Gifts-impressions should be selected based on the preferences and the nature of man.

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Unwanted presents on Valentine's Day

Watches. Symbolizing longevity, on the one hand, the gift is unfavorable for the beloved. This is more appropriate for a business partner.

Books, socks and photo frames. Psychologists believe that such gifts are subconsciously programmed to break relations. According to old tradition, the frame symbolizes mourning.

Facts about Valentine's Day

Germany. In this country,  on 14 February people decorate with psychiatric hospitals red ribbons and flowers. Valentine is considered to be the patron saint of the mentally ill.

USA. On Valentine's Day in 2005 in America, a great tragedy occurred. More than thirty women in this day committed suicide. Organizer mass suicide sought out his victims through the internet and negotiated with them about that on February 14 they should die. They were found in depression, women were in serious mental condition.

As you can see, Valentine's Day in some countries is associated with not very pleasant feelings. But around the world people continue to celebrate this holiday with their loved ones. We hope that these tips will help you choose a suitable gift to the significant one!

Last updated: 2015-02-02
Section: Articles
Author: ua-flowers.com
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