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Easter customs and traditions from around the world

Easter is one on those holidays people around the world enjoy. It has a long history and a variety of customs.  People love to celebrate it joyfully and rapturously.

There are lots of Easter traditions around the world. It's so naturally each county has its own Easter symbols and attributes. For example, the most famous Easter symbol in the USA is Easter Bunny. Bells are traditional attributes of Easter incoming in France. In the Eastern Europe, people decorate Eastern eggs in different colors. But regardless of their nationality, people around the world celebrate the holiday in a good mood, wishing the best for their family members and friends.

We'd like to share with you some information about Easter customs and traditions from different countries around the world.

Easter in Poland

Easter celebration in Poland is one of the most long-expected events for all the Poles. But how do Poles celebrate Easter? A week before the main event lots of people gather to take part in the procession, each one with a palm branch in his hands. Of course, the branches are not real, they've just been combined from other local trees branches.  Polish people call it "The palm competition". The one with the most original "palm" branch wins.

According to the ancient custom, people took their foods to church to sanctify them. After the sanctification, it's dinner time!

Easter in Germany: traditions

It's not necessary for you to read a book about German culture to get to know about the Easter celebration traditions. Easter Bunnies and multicolored eggs are widely known symbols of the spring holiday. It’s traditionally for Germans to share these with their dear and near as a sign of respect and a special attention.

In some regions of Germany, there is a tradition to decorate house walls with multicolored garlands. That day Easter fairs all around the country invite visitors to come and buy everything they would like to.

Decorating trees with Easter eggs is another one German tradition. Besides, it looks remarkable. 
Easter celebration in England

It seems that Easter in one of the most favorite holidays of the English youth. Sometime before the holiday, their parents buy lots of sweets for their children. There also some particular ones, like chocolate shells filled with different types of chocolate eggs. Such gifts tell children spring has come, meaning a new period of life has just begun.

Easter in England is a truly joyful and funny holiday. There is also another game, the goal of which is to find the hidden eggs. Parents of children, to avoid the chocolate eggs’ melting, hide its analogs — the paper eggs. Since the game beginning, everyone who has found the «egg» can exchange it for a chocolate one.

Easter celebration in the USA

The USA has also some interesting Easter celebration customs. A day of Easter celebration is the day when all churches open their doors and invite anyone who wants to visit the special Easter divine worships.

People in the USA also like the egg’s decoration custom. When the holiday comes, children start searching for the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny.

Many festivals and holiday events are taking their place throughout the country within the holiday celebration time.
Easter in Israel

Every year pilgrims from all corners of the world come together to take part in Holy Fire divine worship. The main Easter celebrations also take place in the capital, the city where long time ago Jesus was crossed.

Divine worships are taking their place throughout the country till Easter celebration time is gone. In spite of the fact Easter in not one on Israel public holidays, most of the people celebrate it. Easter tradition attributes in the Holy lands are also an Easter cake and painted eggs. 
Easter celebration in Russia

The main difference of Easter in Russia is a particular type of respect to customs and its traditions. The main holiday attributes are Easter cake and painted eggs. The eggs are usually painted in different colors, sometimes with additional drawings. Many people bring their foods to be sanctified, not just the eggs and the Easter bread, which usually causes huge lines to form at near the church.

Easter is the holiday when all around, and it doesn't matter whether they know each other or not, talks to each other those sacramental words “Jesus has risen!” and “He’s truly risen!”.

Easter in Greece

Till the midnight people gather in church holding white candles in their hands. The holiday begins with drum bits, ringing bells, and colorful fireworks. The next part of the celebration is Easter dinner. Everyone can find a place near the Easter table to eat some eggs or a plate of traditional soup.

One more interesting custom is throwing old ceramic jars out of house windows. Greeks believe it will save them from death and protect their homes from evil spirits. Tons of Easter events take places throughout the country, like dancing parties, when older people start dancing first, inviting all the rest to join.

Easter in France

Such a traditional European custom as egg-painting is also tradition for French inhabitants. Kids’ morning starts with searching chocolate eggs, hidden by their parents in the house and all around. There are a variety of games with using eggs, which are popular among French people. But it seems the favorite one is the Easter accuracy competition. The participants split into pairs and start throwing eggs on to another. The game starts with staying face to face and continues with throwing those eggs while both players walking back increasing the distance between. The pair which egg stay safe longer than all the rest wins.

Shortly before the holiday celebration begins, French factories start producing chocolate eggs sets, one of the most popular types of Easter gifts.

We would like to congratulate you with the incoming spring holiday, and wish you to have an amazing Easter mood! 
Last updated: 2017-04-06
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